Using workforce data to improve your service

Workforce intelligence enables you to integrate your core contact centre platform with your workforce optimisation system to deliver timely, proactive service. Extract agent performance data to set sensors and triggers for new automatic actions.

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Helping you to:

  • Reduce AHT
  • Improve FCR
  • Free up IT resources
  • Increase CSAT

Introducing workforce intelligence...

By connecting core contact centre metrics to workforce optimisation data and processes, you can create responsive, sophisticated alerts and actions automatically – meaning your contact centre becomes much more responsive and sophisticated over time.

Adapt to changing conditions in your contact centre, empower your customers to find answers with self-service and agent-assisted options, and maximise supervisor efficiency with workforce intelligence.


Workforce Intelligence: turn your contact centre from a cost centre to a revenue contributor

Transform your contact centre and deliver outstanding customer experiences whilst contributing to top-line revenue

Connecting your workforce optimisation and contact centre infrastructure systems reduces the need to manually check performance, adjust assignments and switch activities. Help agents see important cues from customers and take corrective actions in time to make a difference. Deliver timely, proactive service to generate more revenue and boost customer loyalty.

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

A more powerful, agile, and effective contact centre

Systematically update, inform, and improve your contact centre infrastructure. With automated processes to improve scheduling, adjust call monitoring and prompt outbound calls, you can help staff make the best decisions to deliver positive outcomes.

Workforce intelligence is an intelligent solution which gathers data from your WFO system, like performance and optimal scheduling information, and responds to changing conditions by adjusting future campaigns and activities in your ACD.


Advanced web-based cloud technologies

  • Make connections between critical points

  • Streamline the integration of your infrastructure and WFO components

Affordable, flexible, and efficient.

  • No up-front capital investment, no annual maintenance bills.

  • Scale up and down as needed, at speed.

  • Quick and cost-effective implementation, upgrades, and expansions.

Always up-to-date

  • Multiple releases per year

  • Automatic roll-out of new features

  • New functionality just a click away

Why do you need workforce intelligence?

Workforce intelligence simplifies management of complex conditions like multiple channels and agents with varied skills. It enables you to:

  • Sense and track agent performance with certain channels and specific customer types. Report individual KPIs, QM scores, and eLearning ratings, then adjust skilling and prioritised call routing to optimise agent performance.
  • Sense customer frustration via speech analytics and post-call surveys and adjust with proactive, personalised service.
  • Motivate and engage agents, managers, and executives by creating sophisticated intelligence across the integrated contact centre infrastructure including custom and evolving agent profiles.

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