Help customers get answers fast and route them where they need to go with our IVR solutions

A voice self-service solution to accelerate resolution, improve routing and cut costs using automation. Help route your customers to the right agent or department in your contact centre and deliver recorded responses for frequently asked questions.

Create menus with options for callers to choose from through key presses or voice commands, and route to agent groups, voicemail, external numbers, or additional menus.

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What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony menu system that uses the dial pad for identification, segmentation, and call routing. It’s a simple, effective technology solution that makes your customer service teams more efficient and cuts the cost to serve.

Chances are, you’ve used an IVR menu before – think “Press 1 to speak to the XX department”.

Why use an IVR? 

  • Improve customer experiences and boost customer satisfaction levels by using intelligent routing to resolve customer calls quickly and efficiently. Ensure your customers are routed to the right departments so they can easily resolve their problems/queries.
  • Reduce waiting times: streamline call routing and connect your customers to the right agents with partial or full automation
  • Increase First Contact Resolution rates by routing callers to the most suitable agents or departments. With skills-based routing, you can route customers to the most qualified agent, reducing the need for them to transfer the call.
  • Save your customers and your agents time: deflect common questions with pre-recorded messages for FAQs like opening hours or promotions
  • Configure personalised IVR messages and prompts. Record customised greetings, messages and prompts to give your customers a more personalised experience.
  • Prioritise calls based on value: when a high-value customer calls, your IVR can route them to the agent most qualified to meet their needs. If all your agents are busy, they can be placed at the front of a queue.
  • Handle high call volumes easily: automatically direct callers to the agent/department most capable of meeting their needs, or callers in a queue when all agents are busy.
  • Boost agent engagement: automate front-end data collection and reduce repetitive tasks like processing bill payments and updating account records.

Visual IVR solutions

Help your customers interact directly with online self-service applications and flexibly access live assistance through a visual interface. Using touch or click commands on a mobile or computer screen, visual IVR technology can be used either on a mobile device app or directly over the web.

Reduce the average time to resolution and help customers access billing or other information through a single access point.

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Features of our IVR solution:

  • Integrate your IVR with your ACD and make it simple to share data between systems so your customers don't have to repeatedly provide the same information. 

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  • Automated speech recognition and text-to-speech in multiple languages makes it easy to voice verify a customer’s identity and use conversational voice for self-service. Our IVR supports touch tone (DTMF), Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS).

  • Centralized IVR system means that no matter where your teams are located, your customers can access the same interface.

  • Remain in control by making routine updates to your IVR system. With an easy-to-use visual design routing tool, you can make immediate changes without needing to involve your IT team.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce or your own custom built solution. With our IVR solution, you can access all your customer data at the click of a button.

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

Conversational IVR solutions for self-service

Make it simple for your customers to ask questions over the phone and answer frequent queries without needing to take up live agent time.

Traditional IVR would require several prompts to eventually route the customer to the appropriate agent queue. With intelligent voice automation and a natural language IVR, your customers can ask open-ended questions and receive answers drawn straight from your knowledge-base.

The open-ended nature of natural language dialogue coupled with the ability to capture information from your customer means it’s easy to automatically identify their issue and provide the right resolution or, in the case of complex issues, direct to the right department.


Biometric IVR solutions for Real Time Authentication (RTA) and fraud prevention

Improve security | Reduce operational cost

End-to-end authentication and fraud prevention for contact centres.

Using voice biometrics, you can automatically verify a caller’s claimed identity within the first few seconds of a call through natural conversation with an agent. Using the same voice print across channels, you can effortlessly authenticate in the IVR and/or mobile application.

By combining voice biometrics with additional authentication factors, RTA offers risk-based authentication across multiple channels. When customers call in, verify their voice, phone number and device automatically, without interrupting the interaction.

The best part? You don’t need to worry about selecting the right authentication factor – it’s an all in one solution which will automatically apply the right factor(s) at the right time. No complex integrations or deployment processes, and no hidden costs.

Working with your business to build a customer engagement strategy

At Route 101, we understand that the right technology means nothing if there’s no strategy behind it. That’s why our experts will work with you to develop a robust customer engagement strategy – identifying the best tools and techniques to keep your customers happy.

  • Define your success benchmarks and identify the actions and the behaviours you’ll need to drive the desired results.
  • Identify the key tools and techniques you’ll need to adopt
  • Roll out your customer engagement strategy across the business.
  • Measure your success and continuously improve.

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