Enable your agents to work seamlessly across channels, within a single user interface

More productive agents; happier customers - win-win

Improve your customer experience and boost your workforce engagement with a unified agent desktop. Helping you to:

Increase first contact resolution rates | Reduce cost to serve | Maximise resources | Save agent time

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Make it simpler for agents to provide faster, better, more personalised service

Your agents spend a lot of their time logging in and out of different systems, cutting and pasting account numbers into different software tools, and moving between departments and data sources to solve customer problems. When systems don’t talk to each other, it’s hard to locate the information agents need to help your customers.

Ensure agents don’t have to switch between dashboards to view and track customer issues and deliver a full, customer-centric view of all interactions with a unified agent desktop solution. Agents can use the appropriate channels to address issues, without being restricted to the channel in which the customer originally made contact.

Unified agent desktop solutions to present a 360° view of the customer

Boost agent productivity and customer happiness with a complete view of the customer

  • Break down the silos between departments to make it easy for agents to deliver fast, personalised, holistic service.
  • Connect all your disparate data sources and make them easy to use as part of a native agent flow.
  • Capture the full customer interaction history across every channel – whether it’s a visit to a website, engagement with an email campaign, or a call to customer service.
  • Integrate information under a single “pane of glass” so your agents can see who your customers are and how they’re interacting with your business.
  • Identify, understand, and segment your customers for more personalised experiences.

Providing a holistic view of the customer

Did you know? 1 in 5 businesses has lost a customer due to incomplete or inaccurate data. (Dun & Bradstreet, 2019)

Give your customers the support they need by bringing together their data and delivering it directly to the agent workspace. Make it easier for your agents to find information and focus on delivering a brilliant customer experience.

Customers shouldn’t need to provide model numbers/loyalty numbers/serial numbers etc. just to get some help. Make it easy to interact with your business and personalise the experiences so your customers feel like more than a number.

Every interaction is a chance to provide a tailored experience. By presenting an integrated view of your product and customer data – pulled from various applications - your agents can provide the one-to-one service your customers expect.


What is a unified agent desktop? 

Making it easy to integrate your CRM and your omnichannel communication channels.

£5.8bn is wasted each year on the time agents spend navigating between applications in the contact centre (Contact Babel 2020)

Help your agents to move away from having to access different systems for each channel by managing all customer interactions from one system.

Customer inquiries are placed into a universal queue and can be routed to the right agent based on skill, urgency, or type – rather than solely being prioritised based on channel type.

What does that mean for you?

It’s easier to deliver a more consistent level of service and give your customers a true channel choice. Once the enquiry reaches the desktop, your agents can see all information on the customer by drawing customer data from the CRM and presenting it on a single user interface alongside all other contact channels.

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Ensure interactions are part of a complete customer journey by pairing with proactive outbound communications

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Expand your customer engagement eco-system to include back-office systems and processes

Every interaction is a transaction between your service team and your customers, and you need to be sure that the front and back ends of the process are helping to foster the type of relationships your customers demand.

Give your agents access to all necessary business systems – including accounting, marketing databases and ERP - through a single integrated desktop view; and make it easy for them to deliver the desired outcomes at the first interaction.

Aggregate data from relevant front and back-office databases in real-time and present it to your agents at logical points in the customer service process. Screen pop information to improve the speed and quality of service and make it easy to cross-sell and up-sell.

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