Co-browsing and screen-share software for real-time customer connection

Screen-share and co-browsing solutions so you can see what your customers see. Reduce abandon rates, empower your agents, and drive revenue growth with co-browse and screen share software

Supercharge service conversations with real-time co-browsing and screen sharing. Make it simple for customers to share browser pages with agents without disrupting their conversation. Upgrade a voice or chat conversation by switching to video chat and guide your customers in real-time with Draw tools to highlight key elements on screen. Share documents securely and help your visitors remotely whilst delivering an in-person experience.

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Co-browsing and screen-share software to help your organisation:

  • Minimise channel escalation
  • Improve FCR (First-Contact-Resolution)
  • Reduce abandonment
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Reduce service costs

… and more

Co-browsing software that works on any website

Surfly differs from other co-browsing software as all elements (including iFrames) can function correctly within the co-browsing session. With a user and agent experience that is much faster than other solutions, audio and video are synced, and visual updates can be efficiently captured.

Co-browsing that works on any web page – even those you don’t control

Whether your customers are connecting through WhatsApp, Facebook, phone, or webchat you can launch co-browsing sessions directly from any web application.

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Connect, co-browse, collaborate

Help agents and customers to connect and collaborate like they’re sitting side-by-side.

Co-browsing technology for a simple, smooth, and secure customer service experience. Customers click a link/button to launch a co-browsing session in their browser window. No software to download, no code to add – easily integrate co-browsing into any platform with a well-documented API.

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Drive revenue growth and provide a more personal experience with co-browsing and screen-share capabilities

Co-browsing solutions for your support team

Serve customers more effectively with real-time screen sharing. Agents can work with customers to complete forms, amend account settings or purchase items online. Advisors are easily able to use the co-browsing software to show product features, fill out forms together with the customer, or explain an offer in more detail.

Co-browsing solutions to close more sales

Empower your sales team to work together with your customers in financial services, online travel, e-commerce and more. Finalise the steps required and make things as frictionless as possible for prospective customers.

How does our solution stack up? 

Comparison Surfly Co-Browsing Embedded Co-Browsing Remote Browser Screen Sharing
No website changes required X
Universal (IFrame & 3rd party content) X
Fast Performance X X X
Fine-grained control switching X X X
High Quality X X
No Installation or Extension X
Can be integrated in web apps X X
Restricted only to the web X

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

Co-browsing, document sharing, and video chat capabilities

Real-time, proactive co-browsing means you can offer help when and where your customers need it 

  • See exactly where users are struggling and point them in the right direction with the click of a mouse.
  • Make your website/online documents more accessible and instantly see issues or illustrate a concept in a joint web session.
  • Share files with others across different locations and make it easy for agents to chat face to face with customers over video.
  • Switch control of the session in seconds to help agents guide customers or let customers illustrate their point.
  • Communicate visually with drawing functionality to instantly highlight key areas on a page to your customers.

Customisable UI and effortless integration

Co-browsing software that completely integrates into your web application with no software installation or configuration required

Running on all browsers and devices, our co-browsing software works well with the tools you already use - and it’s fully customisable so you can make it your own. iFrame or framesets work on all 3rd party content and make it simple to navigate any embedded content like Google Maps, Disqus or Social buttons.

A secure, compliant, co-browsing solution

HIPAA | ISO 27001 | AICPA SOC | PCI DSS | GDPR Compliant

  • Guaranteed protection of your information – let your customers see your website, and nothing else. Your sensitive data can either be stored in the cloud or on premise. Clients with stringent security and privacy needs can self-host the solution on their own premises, strictly monitoring and defining what comes in and out.
  • Govern what an agent can/cannot see when customers input their personal information during a session with field masking. Element masking means you can mask any sensitive elements on the web page – controlling the information your agents can see during a co-browsing session.
  • Control access and privileges by white and blacklisting users.
  • Set up compliant sessionsconnect with customers who deal with protected information and follow required security measures such as HIPAA.
  • Fully isolate shared web sessions to a single browser tab and close this tab to end the automatically.

Agent behaviour controls and accountability

  • Control what your agents can or cannot do and customise your flows to manage the customer experience and ensure they’re only able to perform the actions you want them to – like clicking the ‘buy’ button.
  • Ensure all session actions are accountable with an audit log to track all session actions, and track how/if an agent’s activity impacted a conversion, or if a customer took a certain action.

Co-browsing vs screen-sharing: what's the difference?

Co-browse and screen-share both let customers share what they are looking at with agents. However, there are some key differences in functionality. Unlike screen-sharing, co-browsing means you share your web browser or mobile application, not your complete desktop. The most secure co-browsing solutions are 100% browser-based, without requiring any download or plugin installation.

Co-browsing solutions mean customer service agents can:

  • Join the customer in their browsing session in real-time
  • Guide customers through transactions when they need help
  • Share and view documents together with customers, securely
  • Drive more efficient interactions through visibility of contextual information

Co-browsing software means agents can’t see sensitive information and can accompany customers through the whole session without compromising security, whilst screen-sharing will share the entire screen or application, without any restrictions. Because screen-sharing solutions are pixel-based, where the controller constantly takes snapshots of the screen and sends them across to the other side in compressed form, screen updates are often slow and low quality. Co-browsing means agents can browse the internet together with your customer, instead of just looking at an image of a website on someone else’s computer.

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