Connect departments, systems, and people to serve more customers in less time with contact centre automation

Automate your customer experience and back end processes to deliver consistent, personalised service and achieve faster results. Stop focusing on low-level tasks that don’t impact your contact centre goals and give your team the freedom to focus on what really matters – delivering the best customer experience.

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What is contact centre automation?

Contact centre automation is about using technology to perform tasks previously manually performed by humans.

Typically, automation reduces cost, increases efficiency, and improves accuracy. Contact centre automation can help to free up employees from repetitive, mundane tasks to concentrate on more complex jobs.

AI and automation can also be used to give customers ways to self-serve, for example, a chatbot could be used to interact with a customer and help with common questions.

Did you know?

63% of contact centre leaders agree that their customers can resolve issues easier thanks to the usage of chat bots and virtual assistants (Source: Business Wire)

AI and automation in the contact centre

Automation and Artificial Intelligence solutions make it easy to:

  • Help customers find immediate answers on their own with intelligent self-service solutions, and provide fast, proactive support 24/7.

  • Give customers the freedom to move between self or agent assisted service based on their needs.

  • Improve first contact resolution rates and offer the right information at the right time.

  • Monitor contact centre activity with automatic alerts based on real-time information.

  • Reduce manual interventions and monitoring and automate for speed and savings.

  • Engage and retain your agents by reducing mundane, low-level tasks.

  • Reduce handle time and after-contact work.

  • Empower agents to focus on personalised service with artificial intelligence tools.

Build better customer experiences with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Improve the efficiency of your everyday processes and reduce human error with RPA. Working as a 24/7 digital workforce, RPA bots can cover a lot of ground, working with everything from websites, emails and contact forms, to data processing, onboarding new customers, integrating between different systems, and resetting passwords.


Give your team the tools to automatically complete routing customer interactions and after-contact work, so they’ve got time to focus on delivering the best experiences

By automating the simple, transactional processes that require little to no analysis or subjective judgement, you can free up your advisors to focus on more challenging, higher level tasks that are of greater value to your business.


Integrate your contact centre technology platforms and your back-office processes

By incorporating automation and artificial intelligence into your back-office work processes, you can provide your team with real-time guidance and next-best action recommendations. Make it easy for agents to remain compliant by delivering on-screen compliance prompts.

Mechanise the activities required to resolve customer queries, so your customers can have issues resolved in the fastest possible time

Draw rich, contextual data from multiple systems and display it directly to the employees' desktops with robotic process automation. RPA simulates a virtual person and can drive existing application software in the same way as a human user. This “virtual person” software is deployed and managed on a virtual machine, which allows for greater control, flexibility, and easy scaling.

Creating an automation strategy for your contact centre

It’s vital that you pick the right processes to automate and ensure you keep your end goal in mind when creating an automation strategy for your contact centre.

You need to know what problems your automation technology can fix and what outcomes digital workers can deliver – whether that’s helping your agents with their workloads, reducing call and wait times, or making your systems more efficient. Anything you bring into your contact centre should be to help your customers and build customer loyalty, so identifying their biggest frustration and using the right processes to resolve it is paramount.


Some processes will lend themselves more readily to RPA than others

High volume, low complexity tasks are the best place to start i.e. post call updates, where an email or text confirmation must be sent to a customer, can be done easily by a digital worker – leaving your agent free to proceed to the next call.

It’s also important to communicate with your agents about what part automation will play in their day-to-day jobs and the benefits they will see, so they aren’t worried about losing their jobs.

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