Workforce management (WFM) solutions to harness the power of your people

Combining powerful AI and automation with an intuitive experience, Route 101 can deliver a better experience for your staff and help your business anticipate demand and plan more effectively.

Improved agent experience | Increased customer satisfaction | Reduced operational costs

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What is workforce management software?

Workforce management (WFM) is the term given to the processes that a contact centre undertakes to ensure they always have the right staff with the right skills at the right time. Our workforce management solutions can help you to:

  • Forecast volumes for all interaction channels and ensure the right amount of resources are available – reducing wasted time.
  • Make intraday adjustments based on volumes and agent schedule adherence.
  • Make it simple to manage and schedule agent time off and shift swaps/adjustments.
  • Improve workforce engagement and the overall employee experience.


Next-generation workforce management software for the modern workforce

Simplify staffing, scheduling, and forecasting so your supervisors can spend more time on what matters – getting results for your business

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  • Empower agents and supervisors with a unified interface and seamless workflow. Improve the agent experience with the ability to view their schedules and deliver real-time notifications of changes and approvals directly within the agent interface.

  • Give agents more flexibility by making it simple to manage their work-life balance. Peer trade requests, shift bidding, easy time-off request processes, and the ability to manage their preferred hours.

  • Provide daily insights for decision-making with dynamic WFM dashboards.

  • Reduce manual WFM processes with automatic tracking aids, an intuitive interface, and workflows to generate and manage forecasts and schedules.

  • Be more agile in responding to business needs with an intraday grid, intraday re-forecasting, real-time adherence, and proactive notifications and alerts.

  • Speed up workforce manager proficiency with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface

  • Forecast and schedule intelligently by leveraging AI technology, machine learning, and 40+ patented algorithms to achieve SLAs without over-staffing

  • Improve long-term planning and proactively plan for changes in volume/demand so you always have the right staffing levels.

  • Harness gamification to drive performance and productivity. Set customized targets for adherence, AHT, CSAT or any external measure via a simple import, and follow up on ranks and badges on the leader board to reward agents.

Mobile applications and self-service solutions for workforce management

Increase employee ownership with self-service solutions. Let agents view their schedules, enter time off, and trade shifts with their team from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.

  • Automate processes for holiday requests and ad-hoc absences, with visual indicators based on service level targets or budgeted allowance. Agents get instant feedback of request approval, denial, or placement on a waitlist.
  • Make it easy for agents to trade shifts with colleagues based on customized rules established by the planning team. Trade requests are sent between employees for approval or denial and are updated in real-time with instant notifications to involved parties.
  • Empower employees with a WFM chatbot that monitors intraday staffing levels alongside employees’ unique skill sets and then notifies staff of time-off schedule options via chat messaging in the agent portal/app. Requests are automatically handled in the chat conversation if accepted.

Agent well-being and remote workforce management

Make it easy to engage staff remotely and improve agent health and well-being by leveraging tools to detect and monitor sentiment and stress levels.

Help supervisors have confidence in their remote agent’s work with call quality monitoring, performance management and coaching tools.

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

Improve your customer experience with the right workforce management software

50% of callers will hang up after waiting just 45 seconds, which is why it’s so important to reduce waiting times and get customers through to the right agent first time. Your workforce management strategy can deliver a reduction in customer waiting time, increase both agent and customer satisfaction, and reduce the cost to serve.


Group agents by skillset:

Route calls to the right employees with the relevant knowledge and skills. Bucket agents into skill groups or assign a broad skills category to a wider group to make skills-based routing simple. Ensure that customers reach the right agents first time and that all your required skills and channels are covered by a knowledgeable agent.

Optimise long-term planning:

Forecast demand weeks and months in advance to mitigate the challenges posed by seasonal variations or bursts in demand. Leverage real-time reports and analytics to understand staffing levels and ensure your scheduling and skills are ready for your customers.


Other tools to improve your workforce engagement:


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