Strategies for empowering your contact centre agents so they can focus on what they do best: serving customers

When agents are given access to the latest and best customer support tools, and fortified with the right training, they gain the flexibility and freedom to deliver the best service to your customers

Contact centre agents empowered in their jobs show improved performance and increased loyalty, and deliver value not just to your customers, but to your whole company. Route 101 can help you empower your agents with the right skills, knowledge, and tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences and create measurable ROI.

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What does agent empowerment look like?

When your agents have access to the tools they need to do a good job, feel listened to, are given the freedom to make decisions and are respected by other areas of the business, they are empowered.

Fun fact!

68% of customers said an agent’s friendliness was key to their positive service experience

How can Route 101 help with your agent empowerment?

Empowered agents are effective agents, and their skills, experience and company loyalty impact your bottom line. Beyond tools and training, it’s important to remember that your contact centre shouldn’t operate in a vacuum, and ensuring your agents understand how their objectives sit within the broader business strategy is vital.

With tools and features like:

Route 101 can help empower your agents with the right skills, knowledge, and tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences and create measurable ROI.

How can you empower your contact centre agents?

Train your agents to deliver their best

In the contact centre, knowledge is power.

Give your agents the skills to succeed by giving them access to knowledge management and customer relationship management (CRM) systems so they can find the answers they need and resolve customer queries quickly and effectively. Ensure you’re offering sufficient training to help agents use all the tools at their disposal and focus on promoting empathy to help agents create bonds with customers.

Knowledge base tools

Customer contact

How can you empower your contact centre agents?

Offer support and a sense of purpose

Your agents should feel supported by their teammates and their managers. For agents to be truly empowered, they need to feel that they are valued within your organisation and should understand your brand values and your mission. Ensure your leadership team can accurately communicate the company vision and strategy and help managers support agents through frequent monitoring and mentoring.

Workforce engagement tools

Tools to better empower your agents

Give your agents the tools to take control and motivate them to better help your customers

Mobile assistance

Help your agents take control

Your agents are on the front lines of your customer service, so they’re often the best placed to understand what your customers need. By welcoming and encouraging feedback i.e. involving your agents in the revision of feedback surveys, call scripts and general practices, you show them that their opinions count, whilst simultaneously delivering a stronger customer experience.

Empowering agents to offer opinions and make decisions extends to scheduling preferences too. By giving your agents access to an employee portal – that they can use even when they’re away from the office – can empower them to take control of their own work/life balance. Help agents to state preferences for shift times and enable them to contribute to discussions and decisions about when they are most productive.

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Motivate your agents to help customers

Leverage gamification tools and wall boards to prompt friendly competitive behaviours and get your agents excited about delivering positive outcomes. Ensure they have visibility of the effects of their actions so that they are more likely to advocate for your customers – creating better rapport and delivering an improved customer experience.

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Why is agent empowerment so important?

When your customer support agents are empowered, they’re also much more efficient and effective. This ultimately means your customers are more satisfied, as time-to-answer and the quality of help they receive are key contributors to the customer perception of the help they receive.

Your agents add the essential human component to your customer experience. Agents who are empowered provide friendlier, more knowledgeable help – which is important since 68% of customers said an agent’s friendliness was key to their positive service experience.

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