Delivering measurable outcomes based on your goals and objectives

Route 101 is a cloud systems integrator, which is a complicated way of saying we bring together the very best technology platforms and tools to give our customers a best-of-breed solution

We’ve worked hard to build close relationships with our market-leading technology partners, and we’re confident in the strength of both our portfolio and our team. With our enterprise-class tools and platforms, and advice around process and strategy from our team of experienced experts, you can super-charge your customer and employee experiences and deliver against your business’ unique objectives.

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Discovery and Data Gathering

One of Route 101’s primary objectives throughout any project (and the ongoing partnership) is to deliver measurable business outcomes based around your goals and objectives.

We view our relationships with our customers as a partnership – one based on a consultative and collaborative approach. We work closely with our clients on an ongoing basis, beyond the initial project delivery, to ensure continued value from our solutions and increasing capabilities across your technology portfolio.


Consultative Approach

We know that it is essential to take the time to get to know our clients, their businesses, and their objectives.

That’s why a typical engagement involves a succinct program of workshops to allow us to better understand how your business works. Using the information gathered during this process, we can really get to the heart of your objectives and design the solution that best suits your needs.

Using a collaborative and observant approach, we’ll gain a professional and thorough understanding of your business, enabling Route 101 to deliver:

  • A clear and concise understanding of your pains, pressures, initiatives, vision, and goals.
  • A clear and meaningful joint road map, covering technology and processes that meet your overall Customer Experience Strategy.
  • Technology enablers, designs, and commercials with alignment to current and future needs.
  • A joint, agreed statement of requirements with aligned solutions and key benefits.


With you every step of the way

The initial phase involves a significant degree of discovery and software design to ensure that the deployment is specific to your needs.

Route 101 will spend time within your organisation using observation methods that enable us to check for non-verbal expression of feelings, determine who interacts with whom, learn how customers and employees communicate with each other, and check how much time is spent on various activities and what tools are currently being used.

The detailed requirements will be built up during the discovery and design phase, with a key milestone being the formal customer sign-off of the functional and technical high-level design.

Route 101 places a large emphasis on testing any solution to ensure that it meets the technical and operational requirements defined at the point of sale whilst focusing on the key business outcomes.


Our client lifecycle

Your contact centre is an integral factor in the quality of your relationship with your customers.

That’s why it’s so important to have a genuine collaborative partnership in place between your organisation and the business delivering your platforms and services.

Adopting a client-led deployment approach, we work closely with your team to co-deliver the solution in such a way that you are left self-sufficient in the day-to-day administration and training.

From here we move to an ongoing support and optimisation phase, whereby we are not only on hand to provide support – 24 x 7 for critical issues – but we also provide regular account review meetings to ensure you are getting the best out of the solution.

This is Route 101’s take on our client lifecycle, and experience tells us that it leads to long, healthy and mutually beneficial business relationships.