Customer insights and speech analytics software

Automate the process of listening to your customer interactions. Extract valuable business intelligence that may otherwise be lost in random call sampling and improve compliance, operational efficiency and agent performance with powerful speech analytics software in the cloud.

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Speech, voice and text analytics software to:

  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Detect risk and compliance issues
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Identify training opportunities to improve efficiency and performance
  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Identify sentiment and detect emotion and a predictor of NPS


Our speech, text and voice analytics software helps you to:

  • Analyse 100% of interactions and enable proactive issue resolution.

  • Increase results across all contact centre channels by gaining visibility into the performance of your digital channels. Systematically target your business KPIs and create real improvement that sticks.

  • Develop specific coaching and training topics for agent improvement and provide transparency and accountability with data access.

  • Detect non-compliant actions in near real-time and resolve them proactively before issues escalate

  • Transcribe calls using advanced speech-to-text and natural language processing
  • Search for keywords or phrases within your transcripts and identify emerging trends/issues
  • Use conversation analytics to identify speech patterns and improve agent performance
  • Leverage sentiment analysis to analyse customer tone of voice and listen for keywords
  • Track agent performance, develop best-practices and aggregate data into custom and pre-built dashboards

Analyse every interaction that comes through your contact centre

  • Enhance the omnichannel experience

  • Improve FCR across all channels

  • Retain your customers with proactive issue resolution

  • Develop coaching tools for your agents

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

Customers these days use just about every channel available, and it can be hard for contact centres to track every channel and make sense of it

Use our AI powered speech and text analytics tool to analyse every customer interaction across the full customer journey. Uncover insights that impact both the customer and the agent and analyse all omnichannel interactions within a single view – no need for a data analyst!

Go beyond monitoring basic metrics and KPIs with analytic insights to identify areas to improve. Learn which channels your customers prefer for resolving issues, and which issues take the most work to resolve.


Natural language and sentiment analysis

  • Qualitatively track trends and satisfaction drivers.

  • Provide insights to identify root causes of issues and reduce service volume.

  • Detect compliance issues.

See what is driving conversational trends and patterns using natural language capabilities. Quickly understand sentiment trends related to channels, teams, agents, skills, and products.

Go beyond positive or negative sentiment to detect emotions - such as frustration - as a predictor of NPS and agent performance measurement. Emotions like frustration can change throughout a call, and significantly impact the outcome.

See the root cause of frustration and use that information to find new, emerging issues, identify customers who may be a retention risk, and coach agents.

Create rule logic to better track agent performance and detect the occurrence or absence of key phrases to ensure agent compliance.

Why does your contact centre need speech analytics?

Speech analytics software enhances your quality management processes.

It can provide a full picture of your customer interactions and empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Speech analytics software enables you to “listen” to and analyse every interaction, identify performance improvement opportunities, and get real-time insights from customers to understand how to improve specific interactions.

This means you can expand your sampling without expanding your resources, focus those resources on what matters, and improve your general business processes. Speech analytics also makes it simple to understand why your customers are contacting you and build better hiring profiles based on your customer needs.

  • Efficient and effective quality management
  • Complete visibility into every conversation
  • Drive customer-centric decision making

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