Upcoming Events & Webinars


26 Apr 2023 (12:00)

Navigating the Technology Seascape: On-Demand Seminar

Explore the key findings from the 2023 CCMA research initiative, supported by Route 101. Uncover the top technology priorities, learn how to navigate emerging technologies, and find out how to build successful partnerships with vendors and systems integrators.

26 Jun 2024 (12:00)

Navigating the AI Seascape: On-Demand Seminar

Discover insights from the latest CCMA research initiative, supported by Route 101. Learn practical tips for cutting through industry hype and jargon, uncover the true potential of AI, and find out how CX leaders can effectively harness this technology.

17 Jul 2024 (9:00)

Route 101 Zendesk Support Training

Learn how to make the most of your Zendesk Support instance. We will cover the techniques to streamline workflows, examine how to maximise agent productivity, and much more!

17 Sep 2024 (10:00)

CCMA CONNECT Event Supported by Route 101

Participate in this exclusive event at Dojo HQ in Bristol, where you’ll uncover the key strategies for employee engagement. This event is available to CCMA members only.