Automated resolutions to support tickets for incredible customer satisfaction and operational savings

Reduce First Response Time | Increase CSAT | Reduce Operational Costs | Unlock Critical Time in Customer Support

Transform your customer service with practical AI 

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AI Conversational

AI that works for you (and your customers)

End-to-end case resolution of your common repetitive journeys without human intervention.

Manage surging volumes without worrying about hiring new agents by automating resolutions for your support tickets.

Resolutions are seamlessly enabled via APIs to your own back-end systems - drawing information and actions from these systems to resolve support tickets at speed. Connect with your customer service console and CRM to extract data, then train a neural network on your own historical customer service transcripts.

The AI can recognise how to resolve queries, from tagging and routing cases, to understanding the best answer in context.


Better customer and agent experiences

AI-driven conversational process automation to handle repetitive, straightforward tasks

Whilst your customers enjoy quicker responses and resolutions, your agents are free to focus on the more high-level, complex customer service. Unlock your service team's full potential, and enjoy happier, more productive and proactive agents.

Intelligent Automation for more efficient experiences

A combination of AI and RPA - systems that are great alone, but remarkable together. Combining both intelligent and process-driven automation systems drives significant efficiencies.

Future-proof process automation

  • Flow Builder functionality enables a drag and drop process mapping tool so you can construct new ticket resolutions with ease.
  • Connect your incoming customer conversations with processes by constructing, visualising, and continuously improving your customer journeys.
  • Test new actions and see their outcomes to optimise your interaction handling.
  • Detailed analytics make tracking resolution rates simple. Easily see how many cases are being resolved, how many are partial, how many are end-to-end, and how much money is being saved. With a real-time health check of your implementation, you can unlock the insights needed to improve your resolutions and delight your customers.

1,000,000+ messages processed monthly

99%+ Accuracy Level | 22 languages live

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Agent Guided Automation

Alongside full end-to-end automation, there's also an option for Guided Automation, to provide step-by-step resolution guidance directly on an agent's screen.

Boost agent capacity by up to 30%

With a selection of suggested actions and responses displayed within the agent dashboard, your service teams can reach resolutions in the most efficient manner. 

Boost revenue and retention rates

Take your customer service beyond resolution of the customer query. Guide agents to continue customer interactions - all within the same interface. 

Ultimate confidence

In cases where full automation may not be appropriate, Guided Automation can incorporate an agent approval workflow before any communication is sent to an end user.


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