Creating a digital customer experience.

Delivering great customer experiences to ensure your customers feel valued and understood.

Customer interactions with you must be smooth, convenient, hassle free and timely.

We at Route 101 can help you to build the best digital customer experience by optimising your technology, tools, and processes – and enabling true omnichannel and self-service capabilities

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What is digital customer experience?

Digital customer experience is the sum of digital interactions between you and your customers – and the resulting impressions that your customers walk away with. Using digital tools to optimise both front-end services and back-office process optimisation, digital customer experience is about helping you meet customer expectations.

Did you know?

86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. (Source: Institute of Customer Service)

How can Route 101 help you improve your digital customer experience?

Our market-leading contact centre software platforms are used by customers of all sizes to help them deliver great service and exceptional experiences.

We can work with you to empower employees to make decisions during customer interactions and will implement the tools you need to deliver personalised content, harness automation and AI, and offer self-service.

Take insights you learn from your customers and share them throughout your organisation, ensuring your digital customer experience efforts stay focused on what matters - your customers.

With tools and features like:

your business can deliver a digital customer experience with a difference.


Creating a digital customer experience strategy.

Digital experience strategy isn’t an IT-driven initiative; it’s a customer-needs driven initiative. It’s important that your business recognises the difference between simply using digital technology and leveraging it to improve customer experiences and address customer needs.

When you think about improving your digital customer experience, you should be thinking about:

  • Improving user interfaces
  • Optimising mobile responsiveness and design
  • Delivering real-time data across all interactions, rather than individual touch points
  • Managing and improving communication methods

Creating a digital customer experience strategy is about putting yourself in the shoes of the customer and trying to understand the impact and importance of digital channels from that viewpoint.

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How to improve the digital customer experience?

Create holistic customer journeys:

Increasingly, your channels will merge and intersect throughout the customer journey. The digital experience is just one part of the customer experience, which is why it’s important to focus on creating a holistic customer journey across both digital and non-digital channels. If your customers move from one channel to another, their history should move with them – providing a consistent contextual journey.

Your customers don’t think about their experiences in the context of digital vs non-digital; they just want to access your business in the most convenient way possible. With truly omnichannel contact centre software, you can help your customers to select their channel of choice and move between channels as required, whilst giving your agents a 360-view of the customer and their interaction history.

Deliver positive experiences:

A strong digital experience strategy can showcase your value to potential customers, help you to earn their trust, boost conversions and nurture long-lasting relationships with your customers. If your business is prioritising holistic journeys and contextualised interactions and has the right platforms and technologies to support this, you can create positive customer experiences.

Build trust by providing personalised support, resolving issues quickly, and coaching your agents on empathy to ensure they can be sympathetic and proactive in response to customer needs.

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Empower customers to self-serve:

Your customers should be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. By leveraging your digital tools to provide access to a repository of knowledge in the form of a knowledge-base, FAQ’s, solution articles, and help communities, you can empower your customers to find answers by themselves. This increases the speed of first contact resolution and creates a positive experience for your customer.

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