PCI compliant payment solutions for risk-free payment handling

With our contact centre payment solutions, you can keep customer card data separate from your staff and systems.

Let your customers pay their way, using the method they choose – in safety. Keep agents in contact with your customers throughout the transaction, whilst ensuring they are never exposed to sensitive card data.

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Secure, omnichannel, automated payments

Enable secure, omnichannel, automated payments for every customer. Help your customers to make card payments conveniently and securely over the phone via Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal, and make it easy for them to pay via the web, using SMS or with mobile apps. Our self-service payment solutions are PCI DSS compliant and optimised to be quick and easy.

Improve the customer experience | Maintain data integrity | Stay ahead of the competition

Omnichannel payment solutions to exceed expectations

Reduce abandoned transactions

Cut Costs

Save time on chasing payments

Payment IVR solutions

A PCI-DSS compliant, secure payment platform to process phone payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Fully bespoke and branded to suit your requirements
  • Offers real-time reporting
  • Multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-MD
  • Option to tokenise payments
  • Deliver SMS receipts for completed payments
  • Recurring payments available

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Agent assisted payments

DTMF suppressed card payment solutions to keep your contact centre agents connected to their customers. Integrates fully with your back office system, offering a secure and customer-friendly service. Fast, secure, and fully integrated.


  • Multiple agent logins
  • Concurrent licencing (no seat licences)
  • Continuous conversation with customer when taking card details
  • Real-time reporting
  • No need to pause call-recordings
  • Optimised agent experience through a client dashboard
  • Integrations with major payment service providers
  • Competitive call and transaction rates


Tokenise a customer’s card and they will only need to provide card details once, saving time on regular payments and purchases. Card details aren’t stored anywhere outside of the issuing card company and all tokens will have a dedicated reference for every individual customer (i.e. policy number, customer name, customer number, phone number).

Recurring payments

With a range of payment frequencies, offering your customers a recurring payment plan is easy. Using a recurring payment plan instead of a direct debit means you can re-take failed payments, restarting the plan and avoids your customers incurring expensive failed direct debit charges.

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Secure web payments

Fully branded PCI-DSS secure online payment portal offering a range of integration options to work together with your existing systems.

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Accessible on laptops/desktops/tablets/smartphones
  • Bespoke design to match your brand and requirements
  • Tokenise cards and create recurring payments

Eliminate chargebacks

Eliminate chargebacks for ‘Card Not Present’ transactions, saving your business thousands of pounds. Verify customer identity in ‘Card Not Present’ (CNP) transactions using a secure URL link. Customers can securely and conveniently confirm their identity during the transaction via a secure link delivered by email, SMS or within a web chat – without disclosing sensitive information to agents.

  • Eliminate up to 100% fraudulent CNP transaction charges

  • Hosted in a secure PCI-DSS compliant environment

  • Negotiate better Payment Service Provider (PSP) and Gateway rates by moving from Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions to ECOM transactions

  • No hardware to upkeep and integrates with existing payment services

  • Dedicated reporting dashboard and agent login

  • Allows delivery to a 3rd party address with a reduced risk of chargebacks

Outbound voice and SMS

An efficient way to reach your customers: mass deliver SMS and voice calls to chase payments, generate inbound payment calls to your agents and more.


SMS/Text Messaging

Send bulk SMS messages reminding/chasing/informing customers with a call to action. With completely editable text and the ability to personalise messages you can increase conversions and customer engagement with a call agent number or a click-to-pay web link.

Mini Dialler IVR

Save agent time with a mini dialler to distribute a pre-recorded message to customers or prospects. During the call, the contact can be transferred to an agent or a payment line.

  • Reach a larger audience and save agent time
  • Send thousands of messages per day
  • Self-service portal makes it easy to manage outbound campaigns
  • Easy to report on dead phone numbers for data cleansing
  • Automatically schedule call-backs at different times based on no-answer, engaged or answerphone detection
  • Competitive call and SMS pricing
  • Dynamic fields let you personalise message content to individual recipients

Click to pay

Make payments quicker and easier with a unique URL link for each recipient.

Increase payment conversion by producing a personalised SMS or email. Launch a mobile-friendly payment page with as much or as little customer information pre-filled – making it simple for customers to confirm payment details and complete their transaction.

  • Multiple dynamic fields to personalise message content

  • Integrates with your business systems to use customer reference details

  • Works on all web browsing devices

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