An omnichannel contact centre solution to create a joined-up customer experience

Be where your customers are and deliver personalised, contextualised experiences every time. Connect customers to the right agent across any channel. Blend inbound and outbound omnichannel interactions, increase agent utilisation, and enable proactive outreach to your customers with our omnichannel customer service solutions in the cloud.

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Our omnichannel customer engagement solutions help you to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Empower your agents to be more efficient and productive
  • Connect with your customers faster using dialler tools
  • Reduce the time and cost of introducing new digital channels
  • Streamline designing and maintaining routing flows regardless of channel
  • Deliver a digital-first omnichannel customer experience
  • Set up agents anytime, anywhere

Omnichannel customer engagement tools to deliver the best customer experience

Our omnichannel routing solutions help you interact with customers across digital and voice channels 

Deploy agents anytime, anywhere, and implement routing and self-service artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot and voice portal changes at speed.  


30+ native digital channels, including email, web chat, messaging, mobile apps and social media.


Inbound, outbound, and blended.

Work item routing:

for cases, fax, and direct mail.


Digital-first omnichannel interaction

Make it easy for customers to engage with your business, where and when it's right for them.



Web chat

Social media


Social monitoring

Inbound voice
Inbound email
Advanced chat
Twitter direct messages
Google Play
Outbound voice
Manual outbound email
Proactive chat
Facebook messenger
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Agentless outbound email
Automated chat (chatbot)
Apple business chat
Inbound SMS
Outbound SMS


  • Seamless conversations across connected channels; manage and monitor your channels from one place
  • Help your agents be more productive and make it easy to share information across your company
  • Quickly and seamlessly add new channels, features, agents, locations and routing changes
  • Reduce costs by only paying for what you use
  • Increase agent productivity by giving them more background and more control with a familiar, consistent interface
  • Create consistent journeys by consolidating routing of any channel
  • Improve management productivity with unified configuration and administration across digital and voice channels

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

Omnichannel routing with Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD).

Skills-based omnichannel routing to deliver a universal queue for 30+ channels

  • Personalise the customer experience: collect customer data with an integrated chatbot and Artificial Intelligence, as well as a conversational IVR with natural language speech recognition and text-to-speech
  • Empower agents to delight customers: handle digital and voice interactions in one consolidated interface
  • Connect customers to the right agent based on skills and AI-powered profiles
  • Automate routine tasks with AI-powered bots and self-service 

Outbound proactive contact

A predictive dialler to make connecting with your customers easier

  • Connect with more customers in less time with continuously updated dialling lists and predictive dialling.

  • Get the most revenue out of your dialling lists and handle destinations through serial record recovery.

  • Communicate proactively through low cost channels like SMS and agentless dialling, reducing the need for inbound calls.

  • Create one experience for agents with a unified desktop.

  • Stay up-to-date with the changing compliance landscape with expert services to define your compliance needs and reach your goals.

    Outbound Solutions

Serve up smart answers fast with AI-powered chat bots and self-service

Deliver answers automatically and easily handle the simple, repetitive questions – so your team can focus on the questions or tasks that require more time, troubleshooting, or a personal touch.

Self-Service Solutions


Keep conversations connected

Avoid a frustrating customer experience with a clear omnichannel strategy.

When channels are served by different agents using different systems, customers are forced to explain their issue – and every step they’ve already taken to resolve it – to everyone they reach in your organisation. Understandably, this creates unhappy customers.

Follow interactions from start to finish with omnichannel solutions that keep conversations connected through a central hub and shared history.

Chat Bot

Powerful integrations

Build powerful integrations and easily bring in customer communications from internal, proprietary, and outside tools, or from ratings and review sites like Yelp, Reddit, or other social media sites. 

Learn more: RESTful APIs


Turn data into actionable insights

Cross-channel conversation history make it simple to see the big picture, while your agents can still easily access details of a specific customer interaction.


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