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What is quality management?

As organisations increasingly compete based on customer experience (CX), contact centre performance has become a critical business focus. Whilst the right workforce management (WFM) solutions can help you allocate your resources so you’re prepared to meet demand, this only covers a fraction of contact centre performance.

Quality management solutions give your business the tools you need to continuously measure and monitor agent performance, assess the depth and quality of customer interactions, and drive continuous improvements.

Quality management software to improve your CX

Improve the customer experience, maximise agent performance and reduce evaluator effort with our quality management software. Track and manage the quality of interactions, analyse customer experiences and identify where improvements could be made with a straightforward evaluation and review solution.

Key features:

Automated delivery of interactions

Simplified dashboards

Modernised custom form manager with searchable question bank and drag-and-drop design

Screen and call recording

Agent self-evaluations

Automated feedback

Dispute arbitration workflows

A complete quality management solution will be integrated with all components of a workforce engagement suite, including:


Quality management software for a better agent and customer experience

An easy-to-use quality management solution with agent-centric features to improve your customer and agent experience, and optimise internal processes.


Improve the customer experience

  • Custom evaluation forms
  • Play back calls and screen recordings
  • Ensure consistent call scoring
  • Gain an understanding of the customer journey

Ensure processes work

  • Identify customer pain points
  • Speech analytics and customer surveys
  • Reduce process failures

Improve the agent experience

  • Let agents critique themselves
  • Make feedback easy to access
  • Create a best-practice library
  • Develop arbitration workflows

Manage everything in one place

  • Reduce administration and maintenance efforts
  • Eliminate synchronization issues
  • Minimise setup and configuration
  • Play back calls and desktop recordings
  • Improve reliability

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