Cultivating customer loyalty

Put your customers’ needs and preferences at the heart of your business to build long-lasting loyalty

Build and retain customer loyalty by staying tuned in to the needs and wants of your customer. Cultivating customer loyalty is about creating consistently positive experiences, so your customers keep coming back.

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What is customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty refers to your customers’ willingness to continue returning to your business.

It is a reflection on the type and quality of experience your company creates – since willingness to return is usually based on previous positive experiences.

To create strong customer loyalty, you need to invest in the delivery of consistently positive emotional experiences, rational attribute-based satisfaction, and perceived value attached to an experience that includes your product or service(s).

Did you know?

Cloud contact centres achieve 43% greater annual increase in customer retention rates compared to on-premise contact centres (Source: Aberdeen’s November 2019 Cloud Contact Center State of the Market Report)

Why is customer loyalty important?

  • It’s much more cost effective to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones. It’s five times more expensive to acquire new customers than retaining current customers.

  • Customers will spend more time and money with the businesses they’re loyal to, which is why a good customer loyalty program is essential.

  • Customer loyalty builds trust between your business and your customers – when your customers choose to frequently return to your company, the value they’re getting from the relationship outweighs the potential benefits they’d get elsewhere.

How Route 101 help with your customer loyalty program?

Route 101 has the tools, technologies, and the know-how to create a truly customer-centric engagement strategy which spans every step of the customer journey. Our tools deliver the data you need to make informed decisions around your customer needs and preferences.

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How to cultivate customer loyalty?

  • Reduce customer effort
  • Provide great customer service
  • Create an emotional connection

Customer loyalty isn’t something you can implement once and automate later. It needs to be cultivated and maintained. Many of the qualities you value in your personal relationships can be applied to customer relationships with businesses.

When trying to build customer loyalty it’s important to look at the entire customer experience as a whole – since the ideal formula for customer loyalty is a mixture of internal processes and emotional factors.


Reducing customer effort:

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

Be honest, which would you choose? An easy experience will keep your customers coming back. Delivering convenient, low-effort experiences is a better indicator of customer loyalty than NPS of CSAT, since “performance is sustained not by offering customers the perfect choice, but by offering them the easy one” (Harvard Business Review).

When your agents act deliberately on this insight, you can improve customer service, reduce costs, and decrease churn.

Learn more about our Reducing your Customer Effort Score.

Provide great service

Proactive customer service is the key to inspiring customer loyalty with great customer service. By providing excellent service, and helping customers head off problems without needing to reach out, you can position your business as a strategic partner, not just a one-off problem solver.

Ensure your organisation is customer-centric

By building customer-centricity into your company culture, you can enhance the customer experience at all touch-points, meaning your customers benefit from a seamless experience.

The quality of customer support interactions has a direct impact on customer loyalty, so enhancing the service your team provides can make a huge difference.

Build emotional intelligence in the contact centre through agent rapport and active listening

Applying emotional intelligence principles to your customer experience strategy, you can build long-lasting and positive memories, which will build loyalty.

Ensuring your agents are developing a rapport with your customers will significantly improve retention and customer loyalty. Contact centre platforms that offer a full view of customer interactions will make it easier for your agents to deliver a personalised level of service. By modifying tone, tempo, and vocabulary, and being as responsive to customer needs as possible, your agents can establish rapport and build stronger relationships with your customers.  

By encouraging agents to utilise effective listening behaviours, your customers will be more forthcoming with information – reducing confusion and frustration.

Learn more about agent engagement.


Leverage data to create an emotional connection

You can’t force an emotional connection with your customers, but you can use data to personalise their experiences and serve them on their preferred channels. Deloitte found that using emotional data smartly can increase customer lifetime value and turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

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