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What is Customer Self Service?

Customer Self Service allows you to provide support for your customers and gives them the opportunity to problem solve and find their own solutions, without having to go through an agent or third party. The most common types of customer self-service include chatbots, knowledge base and FAQs.

Self-service isn’t a complete replacement for customer service but is increasingly fundamental in creating a positive customer experience, as well as freeing up your agents and saving time.


Why is customer self service important?

Self-service is the fastest and most relevant way for your customers to get help when they want it, on the channel and device they prefer. Gartner says having relevant and quick self-service increases customer satisfaction by 12%.

By offering self-service solutions to your customers, you can:

Improve the customer experience

Reduce inbound contact

Free up agent time and increase efficiency

Reduce the cost to serve

Make self-service easy by building a help centre with a knowledge base

Your knowledge base should be accessible from any page on your site. You can use it as a central location where users can look up answers to frequently asked questions or other information about your business.

A good knowledge base will help:

  • Lower support costs
  • Drive Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores
  • Improve agent efficiency

Simplify self-service with a responsive help centre

Configure a responsive, branded help centre for your customers and fill it with knowledge to make finding answers fast and intuitive. Organise frequently asked questions, product details, policies and more to empower your customers and your agents.

Make it easier for your customers to find the resources that help them to help themselves.

  • Knowledge capture lets agents draft new articles and knowledge, flag old or outdated content for improvements, and share AI-powered article recommendations inside tickets.
  • Built-in reporting to help you identify what’s working and what you should write next.

  • Automatic updates on article changes and collaborative publishing workflows to empower your agents.

  • Machine learning and content cues to help monitor the content that’s doing well and the bits that need editing or attention. Automatically flag top performing content and archive or improve content that isn’t performing. Help content managers understand customer support trends from incoming support tickets and identify actions that they can take to address issues and give customers the most relevant content.

  • Unlock agent potential with instant knowledge-base access so they can help customers quickly with reliable content at their fingertips.

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Automated self-service solutions

Chat bots and Knowledge Surfacing

AI self-service solutions can improve the customer experience by automatically surfacing the right content when your customers need it most.

A high volume of one-touch tickets (tickets that were solved in a single interaction) could mean too many of your customers are contacting support when help centre content could have provided answers faster.

Developing easy, high-impact articles to answer frequently asked questions and address basic requests can free up agent time and create better, faster experiences for your customers.


AI-powered bots for straightforward interactions

Designed for high frequency, low touch tickets, you can use an AI-powered chatbot to respond to customer situations that don’t need a human touch, freeing your agents up to focus on more complex issues.

Deliver answers to your customer queries by using machine learning alongside your knowledge-base. When your customers ask questions over a web widget, email, or other text-based channels, a bot can respond automatically with relevant content.

IVR self-service solutions

With intelligent voice automation and a natural language IVR, customers can ask open-ended questions and receive answers drawn from your knowledge-base. Make it simple for your customers to ask questions over the phone and answer frequent queries without needing to take up live agent time.

By combining self-service with personalisation, your IVR system can become a tool to build your customer relationships.

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Self-service payments

Let your customers pay bills or make payments within a self-service transaction while remaining fully compliant. Reduce risk and ensure payments and sensitive transactions are protected through our PCI-compliant platform.

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Why self-service?

Your customers are busy people, and they don’t want to wait around.

Show them you value their time as much as they do by helping them get their own answers on their preferred channels.

Before reaching out to support channels, 81% of customers will try to take care of their own problem. Respond quickly to changing customer demands and deliver personalised customer experiences with the right self-service solutions.

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