Contact centre call and screen recording software to satisfy compliance and quality needs

Call and screen recording for audio and digital channels. Identify key areas for improvement and ensure compliance with a flexible inbound and outbound call and screen recording solution in the cloud. Make it easy for supervisors to monitor live calls and listen to end-to-end recordings and get a clear view into how your agents interact with customers. Give your business the right tools to deliver the best customer interactions and optimise your agent performance.

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Call recording solutions to help you:

  • Improve customer service quality and improve customer loyalty
  • Train new agents faster and more effectively
  • Keep records for compliance or as a record of a transaction
  • Identify and improve business processes

Intuitive, compliant, call and screen recording software

  • Meet GDPR, PCI and HIPAA standards while recording up to 100% of calls and digital interactions

  • Store and retain call recordings and digital transcripts with flexible lifecycle management – including AWS active and long-term storage options and the ability to “bring-your-own” AWS storage.

  • Simplify call and digital recording management: search, retrieve, and monitor call recordings and digital transcripts via an intuitive, unified search interface.

  • Integrate call recordings within CRM systems by adding recording links in the customer record.


  • Identify end-to-end process improvement opportunities and eliminate data synchronisation issues
  • Configure permissions and policy easily
  • Support organisational growth with adaptable call recording rules, multi-language localisation, open APIs, and stereo recording capabilities.
  • Collaborate with ease with easy sharing and tagging of call recordings
  • Retain and analyse every customer interaction with recording APIs

Call and screen recording software for the insights and accountability you need

Easily manage recordings

  • Easy to use search module means it’s simple for managers to access voice recordings and email and chat transcripts using filter and free text search.
  • Set up and start recording across channels within minutes with straightforward policy management and rules-based recording.
  • Assess process adherence and identify efficiency gaps with agent screen recording on multiple computer monitors – all during voice and digital interactions (including during wrap-up time).

Meet recording, collaboration and analytics needs now and in the future

  • Set granular recording rules to suit your needs. Record 100% of calls, determine a select range based on skills or role, or run on-demand recording.
  • Support for both mono and stereo recording makes post-interaction analysis simple.
  • Multi-language and localisation infrastructure help to protect your investment and sets you up to achieve a global footprint.
  • Promote a more holistic customer journey by memorialising and accessing recordings and transcripts from customer records in your external CRM or database.
  • Annotate, tag, sticky note, and email recordings directly from the player; or download and export recording files.

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

Call and screen recording software sits under our workforce engagement solution set

Helping you to get the insights and accountability your contact centre needs. 


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