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Enhance your customer service with Conversational AI. Serve better, faster, and deliver a better customer experience

Drive self-service and provide enterprise-grade, human-to-machine and customer care experiences with Conversational AI solutions. Scale your customer service operations and meet high volumes of customer service requests, whilst reducing operational costs.

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Investing in a Conversational AI means you can deliver a more natural caller experience – allowing your customers to speak naturally the way they would with a real human.

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What is Conversational AI?

When we talk about Conversational AI, we’re referring to an array of technologies including chatbots, virtual assistants, and conversational IVR. These technologies use large volumes of data, machine learning and natural language processing to deliver human-like conversational experiences. In simple terms, it’s technology with the ability to understand text and speech in the same way human beings can.

By using Natural Language Processing, the AI can understand the context behind words in a sentence and respond much more effectively. This means the AI can alter a conversation based on factors like a person’s historic relationship, sentiment, and context – just like a human agent.

Conversational AI is extremely useful when it comes to customer service: you have these virtual agents that can interpret intentions and respond in the same way a human would – only they do it faster, more accurately, and for a much lower cost per interaction.

What is Conversational AI and How Does it Work?


How conversational AI works

Conversational AI uses Natural Language Processing to understand user utterance – either through a chat application or a voice channel. When setting up a Conversational AI, organisations will need to model their business processes to ensure the Conversational AI behaves the way they want it to in any given customer facing situation. This process modelling is why adopting a holistic approach to Conversational AI tools is so important.

Natural Language Processing strives to build machines that understand and respond to text or voice data—and respond with text or speech of their own—in much the same way humans do. This means that it can comb through a customer’s user utterance to find the meaningful terms and phrases that it will use to respond.


Why conversational AI?

  • Help your customers to spend less time on the phone in the IVR and deliver more instinctive automated dialogue experiences powered by a deeper, more detailed understanding of their needs.
  • Augment your self-service capabilities and increase automated task completion, with total transparency.
  • View conversations in real-time and monitor agent performance with advanced speech analytics.

Why Conversational AI for Customer Service


Conversational AI for customer service

Using Conversational AI, you can provide automated self-service options for customers on web, mobile and voice channels. This means you can manage high volumes of interactions consistently, provide 24/7 cover far more cheaply than by rotating live agents, and boost CSAT by improving AHT.

With Conversational AI you can:

  1. Reduce operational costs by increasing interaction handling speed and deflecting queries to lower-cost self-service channels.
  2. Improve agent efficiency and help the contact centre handle high volumes of interactions without compromising the customer experience.
  3. Increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  4. Scale efficiently and manage more customers and higher levels of demand.
  5. Leverage data driven insights to drive your business forward.


What's driving the rise of conversational AI in customer service? 

83% of IT leaders say AI and Machine learning is transforming customer engagement. Why are organisations increasingly looking to implement AI and automation in their service strategy?

There are several drivers behind the adoption of Conversational AI software in the contact centre: 

  1. The rise of digital-first service
  2. Growth in messaging
  3. Changing customer expectations

What's driving adoption of Conversational AI?


Chatbot vs conversational AI

What is the difference between Conversational AI and a Chatbot?

The main difference lies in the ability to recognise and respond to intent. Conversational AI can detect intent behind a user utterance, whilst chatbots are much more transactional. Conversational AI can triage requests, track, and remain aware of the context behind queries – so it’s much better when it comes to providing a human-like experience.

Chatbots might be able to handle customer issues, but likely won’t be equipped to handle multi-part requests as they aren’t able to triage and decipher the context behind the requests. They’re much more linear, and often rely on specific scripts. Any deviation, and they’ll need to transfer to a human agent.

Conversational AI can handle dialogue variations. For example, if a customer realises half way through an interaction that they’ve been referring to the wrong credit card, Conversational AI can simply revisit the point in the conversation at which it confirmed which card was being discussed, redo that interaction, and continue the process without losing any of the information it retrieved previously.

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Our Conversational AI platform software:


Omilia is the first AI vendor to integrate the entire AI technology stack into an enterprise-grade platform. Deliver Conversational AI across voice, chat, and transcription to bring next-gen IVR virtual assistants to life.


  • Conversational Voice, Chat, & Transcription
  • Omnichannel Conversational Experiences
  • Speech Recognition & Natural Language Understanding Engines
  • Real-time Visibility & Insights
  • Anti-Fraud and Biometric Verification

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digital genius_sep22

DigitalGenius is the AI platform that delivers automated resolutions for your support tickets, resulting in incredible customer satisfaction and operational savings. It’s AI-driven Conversational Process Automation to handle repetitive, straightforward tasks.

  • AI that works for you (and your customers).
  • End-to-end case resolution of common repetitive journeys without human intervention.
  • Future-proof process automation.
  • Agent guided automation

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Ada_sep22_white2Ada is the intelligent brand interaction platform that helps to automate your most valuable interactions. Answer common support questions, deliver personalised interaction, and anticipate customers’ needs — all from one AI-driven brand interaction platform.

  • Understand customer intent in seconds with industry leading conversational AI
  • Action insights from every interaction with real time analytics
  • Build personalised brand interactions without code or developer dependencies
  • Break down silos across customer touchpoints

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Organisations implementing AI solutions typically see:

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Conversational Voice Automation

Deliver effortless CX at scale with a conversational platform that lets your customers speak naturally, interrupt, change topics — and always have a fantastic customer experience.

  • Most widely deployed voice AI solution across the UK
  • Supports a broad range of accents and slang
  • Can speak to your customers in over 26 languages
  • Off-the-shelf components to understand postcodes or names
  • UK-based infrastructure, data, and support

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Case Study

Ultimate AI white

Generative Customer Support Automation

Get started quickly and easily with a bot backed by the latest gen AI technology. Simply connect your help centre or plug in the URL of your FAQ page to get up and running in minutes. Your bot will answer FAQs and increase resolutions.

  • 109 languages supported at native fluency
  • Industry-leading AI, built in-house
  • Instantly effective custom-built bots powered by gen AI

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