Retail CX solutions to make every interaction matter. Intuitive digital experiences to boost customer loyalty and deliver personalised service wherever, whenever.

Customers today use a wide variety of digital channels and they expect retailers to do the same. Route 101’s omnichannel solutions enable you to meet consumer demands and improve customer loyalty whilst reducing your overall operational costs and boosting efficiency. 

Omnichannel Customer Service | Self-Service | Conversational AI and Chatbots | Intelligent Automation & RPA | Co-browsing and Screen Sharing solutions and more for the Retail and eCommerce industry

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Our solutions can help you to:

  • Help customers to help themselves - freeing up your agents for the more complex, high stakes queries. 

  • Ensure customers never need to repeat themselves with omnichannel interactions – whilst giving agents the visibility they need to deliver exceptional experiences, every time.

  • Create personalised customer journeys -use customer data to shape tailored conversations around the clock.

  • Power informed agent interactions by ensuring agents are prepared, engaged and efficient. Guide them to next-best-answer, next-best-action and surface suggested responses with ease.

  • Merge online and offline experiences. Seamlessly connect your physical and virtual shops with product availability alerts to drive in-store purchases, and provide flexibility with the point of delivery or collection at home or in-store.

  • Boost conversion rates and drive purchases across the eCommerce funnel. Connect with your customer and guide them through your digital journey as if in a physical store with co-browsing and video chat solutions. Leverage product availability alerts to drive in-store purchases, and provide flexibility with the point of delivery or collection at home or in-store. 

Building better customer experiences for retailers everywhere

Improving customer loyalty through superior experiences

Flexible omnichannel solutions that offer industry-leading, secure customer interactions

  • Meet customer expectations by using an omnichannel platform that offers the communications channels your consumers want. Stay connected across web, mobile, social, and business channels and make every experience exceptional.

  • Improve workforce morale and reduce demand on your contact centre with the latest AI technology

  • Increase revenue and reduce cost in use with tools designed to radically improve contact centre efficiency

  • Utilise our best-in-class, reliable cloud solutions so your customer experience team have the same experience, wherever they log on 

  • Keep up with industry trends and consumer demands with innovative, industry-leading solutions

  • Upgrade your customer satisfaction score and greatly improve customer loyalty

  • Utilise powerful analytics tools so you always know where to focus your team

  • Take secure PCI-compliant payments for risk-free payment handling

Self-service solutions for Retail & eCommerce

Self-service solutions to resolve queries quickly. Help customers find answers fast with 24/7 omnichannel support. 

  • Smart knowledge management solutions ensure answers are easy to find across any channel and make scaling your support simple. Get content in front of customers before they reach out to the contact centre.
  • Conversational AI and chatbots provide fast and accurate responses and natural, personalised assistance without the need for agent intervention.
  • product availability alerts to drive in-store purchases, and provide flexibility with the point of delivery or collection at home or in-store.

Self-service solutions



Customer service automation solutions

Reduce demand on contact centre agents by up to 30% with Conversational AI and eCommerce automation at scale

Handle repetitive, straightforward tasks such as returns or delivery details and free up your agents to focus on the more complex customer requests. Unlock your service team's full potential, and enjoy happier, more productive and proactive agents.

Helping you to:

  • Automate repetitive tickets
  • Save time, effort, and money
  • Reduce costs and free up resources
  • Maximise revenue potential
  • Offer support with no training needed

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Helping musicMagpie to resolve 20% of contact volume automatically

Find out how Route 101 helped musicMagpie to automatically resolve 2,000 tickets per week and reduce resolution times by 50.2% with Conversational Process Automation. 

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Anticipate and resolve problems – before your customers get in touch

Reach out proactively with outbound notifications and comms to drive customer engagement and prevent escalations.

  • Updates about late orders
  • Check order status
  • Issue refunds automatically
  • Send return notifications


Automating 40% of transactional queries for Beauty Pie

Read more on how Route 101 helped online beauty subscription service to automate over 12,000 tickets per week without human interaction

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