Engage, motivate, and reward your agents, whilst keeping your business on track to meet your organisational goals

Performance management software to inspire your employees, improve performance and help your business realise your customer experience goals. Provide continuous feedback within a social, web-based environment, whilst reducing supervisor workload and making it easy to understand performance. Invest in training that works and increase agent satisfaction with performance management software in the cloud.

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Our performance management software helps you to:

  • Optimise agent performance
  • Track progress on one simple dashboard
  • Gamify contact centre KPIs

...and a lot more

What is performance management software?

Performance management software is one of the elements of workforce engagement management (WEM). It helps you to engage, motivate and reward your agents, whilst ensuring your business stays on track to meet your organizational goals.

Track employee engagement and performance with intelligent dashboards, gamify KPIs and automate challenges to promote a culture of recognition and improve agent and customer satisfaction.


Contact centre performance management software to elevate agent performance

  • Inspire employees to improve with continuous feedback. Show meaningful comparisons to their team and encourage positive behaviours with gamification.

  • Maximise everyone’s contribution to success by aligning performance goals, promoting collaboration, and holding everyone accountable for results. Align goals with business objectives and increase manager and agent efficiency.

  • Identify individual training needs and quantify results to improve your training programs. Analyse before and after performance and create a cost/benefit analysis for training efforts.

  • Streamline access to information and standardize metrics across multiple sources. Consolidate data from your CRM and other systems and create role-based, real-time dashboards.

  • Drive continuous improvement and a high-performance culture with customisable KPIs and dashboards aggregated from various sources.

  • Increase supervisor efficiency and enable focus on high value activities by automatically creating and sharing performance scorecards.

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

Performance management software and the customer experience

Deliver the outstanding customer experiences that drive business growth.

Assessing and managing contact centre agent performance is vital – they’re the ones on the front line, interacting with your customers after all. A poor performance can have serious ramifications on your business objectives and could mean your customer experience takes a nosedive.

Performance management helps contact centre employees perform their jobs effectively in the most efficient way possible; it connects processes and policies to the customer experience to ensure agents understand the impact of their actions; and it promotes a culture of continuous improvement that focuses on elevating the quality of the customer experience.


Flexible performance management solutions

Whether your contact centre’s primary function is customer service, technical support, sales or collections, Route 101’s performance management software can help to ensure your agents are given the tools and coaching they need to succeed.

  • Drive agent improvement

  • Ensure consistent service levels

  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Next-generation performance management software

Aggregate, analyse and track agent performance, enable targeted coaching and inspiring gamification, and leverage holistic reporting to deliver highly relevant insights to managers, supervisors, and agents.

  • Capture and evaluate 100% of customer interactions
  • Leverage text and speech-to-text analytics to pull together phone, email, text, chat, social media and more into a single omnichannel view of customer interactions.
  • Integrate key data streams across the enterprise – including CRM, ERP, HR – to power multi-dimensional KPIs and reports.

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