Cloud phone systems and Voice as a Service

Satisfy all your fixed and mobile telephony requirements with our cloud phone systems.

Complete with lots of clever features including call recording, auto attendant call routing, sequential ringing, and call forwarding.

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What is hosted telephony?

With our hosted telephony solutions, you get a phone system hosted in the cloud instead of in your office. Users can access the system through a standard IP handset or a softphone – a screen-based virtual phone with a headset. Calls can be made and received through a broadband connection to the carrier network, and from there they are routed to PSTN fixed and mobile devices.

Multi-site monitoring and business continuity.

With no server on site, you benefit from multi-site monitoring and business continuity in the event of an emergency.

With stats accessible from any internet facing device, and customisable push reporting and alarms, you can be sure business critical metrics are always available.


Our cloud phone systems help you to:

  • Increase flexibility so your cloud phone system grows with you.

  • Manage your entire communications for multiple sites - down to individual users – all via an easy-to-use web portal.

  • Improve the interoperability between your mobile and fixed telephones using a business-grade network.

  • Reduce dropped calls and improve the customer experience.

  • Enjoy the same audio quality of a fixed line but via a cloud-based phone system.

  • Integrate your software, infrastructure, and telephony to connect your agents and customers with a high quality voice channel. With quick setup and customised plans for the most cost-effective connectivity, you benefit from true, all-in-one cloud connectivity. 

  • Get connected, every time with a fully redundant network with 99.99% availability with no loss of calls during failover. Actively monitored and regularly assessed by a third-party.

  • Easily provision and manage telephony services with simple number porting and streamlined support processes.

  • Unify your global workforce with toll-free numbers and follow-the-sun routing.

  • Cater for business continuity by instantly redirecting calls to another site, and ensure your calls are always answered, no matter the circumstance.

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

Advanced management reporting.

In-depth call management reporting and wall board capabilities – in real time. Our dedicated reporting tools can offer:

  • Real time stats for wall boards

  • Abandoned call recovery so if you miss a call, you can see instantly if it has been returned

  • Quick and easy monitoring of key extension or call routes to ensure they are working efficiently

  • Comprehensive call recording with every divert leg and call detail segmented for identification

  • After-hours call tracking to highlight suspicious activity or unauthorized calls

Helping you to:

  • See what needs to be done instantly to improve your customer service

  • Monitor time-to-answer and manage your calls more effectively

  • Analyse internal call patterns

  • See how many calls are being abandoned with the ability to return them

  • Optimise resources by ensuring the right number of operators are always in place


CRM integrations and unified communications.

With a considerable amount of CRM integrations and open APIs, it’s easy to integrate with your CRM.

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Link your desktop, office phone, mobile phone, instant messaging, CRM and other apps for a total unified communications solution.

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Remove the need for a physical PBX with a cloud phone system.

With a cloud phone system, you can dispense with a physical PBX and the associated cost and maintenance – it requires only the installation of on-site handsets (should you require them). While our solutions work seamlessly with SIP, Ethernet and Broadband products, they can also integrate with legacy connections – making it a totally flexible communications solution.


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