Proactive support to provide an efficient and effective means of reaching customers, with automated dialling and omnichannel outreach

Deliver proactive support and increase opportunities for conversion with the same omnichannel platform you use to manage your other communication channels. Route 101’s outbound solutions include automated dialling, outbound notifications, and automatic callback – helping you give your customers the support they want to keep them with you for the long haul.

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Outbound contact

Our outbound contact centre software helps you:

Reduce inbound contact | Reduce customer churn | Drive revenue opportunities

  • Use automated dialling to reach the right customers and streamline interactions.
  • Automate proactive notifications to keep customers informed.
  • Engage with customers using proactive callback across automated and agent-assisted outbound channels.

...and a lot more

Customer engagement is about more than your help centre

Route 101’s outbound capabilities can help you to contact customers on their preferred channels, and makes it simple to update customers on their accounts and orders. Reduce the need for inbound customer service contact by proactively communicating with your customers in a timely, personalised way.

Automated dialling solutions to get your agents connected faster

Automated dialling to pace outbound volume and filter out unproductive calls like voicemails, disconnected numbers, and busy signals. Free your agents' time from unproductive calls and connect them with the right customers automatically.

Key features include: 

  • No-pause predictive dialling
  • Preview, progressive and proficiency dialling
  • Agentless and non-telephony dialling
  • Industry-leading compliance tools
  • Priority designation on skills and campaigns
  • Continuous list pulling
  • Serial record delivery for each agent
  • External synchronization with third party systems
  • Provide real-time dialling list adjustments 

Personalise your customer experiences with automated outbound notifications

Reduce the number of inbound calls to your contact centre with automated notifications. By alerting customers with personalised, relevant notifications, you can save your agents time and improve the overall customer experience.

Make things easier for your customers and your agents with outbound:

Order confirmations
Appointment reminders
Reminders around billing payments
...and more.

What Our Contact Centre Customers Are Saying...

Don't keep your customers waiting: automatic callback

Our outbound contact centre solutions include an IVR with automatic callback features.

Give your customers the choice to select a callback instead of waiting in a queue. They’ll choose the time and the number; all your agents need to do is call them back when available.

You benefit from:

  • Improved customer experience with reduced wait time on hold
  • Better wait times and abandon rates
  • Lower telecom charges

Callback technology decreases costs and improves your contact centre efficiency. Ensure managers don’t need to fund additional staff to cover a peak and help your agents use quiet time efficiently with our outbound callback solution.

IVR Solutions


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