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Guide smarter, more informed decisions with fully integrated real-time and historical insights. With out-of-the-box reports and access to a range of data elements, track call centre reporting metrics like agent status, service level, and skill performance. Customise reporting to fit your needs and share actionable information with your team.

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Reporting software to help you take swift action

Many contact centres struggle with issues unnecessarily escalating out of control because they aren’t aware of them until it’s too late. Route 101’s reporting real-time dashboards give you instant, relevant information across a wide range of contact centre roles, so you always know when action is needed.


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Combine contact centre reporting tools with our performance management and quality management tools to deliver the best customer experiences and help empower your contact centre agents

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  • Track key metrics such as agent status, service level, skill performance, and customer contacts with pre-configured, real-time widgets.
  • Combine real-time and historical information to understand when something out of the norm is happening.

Contact centre reporting features

Real-time dashboards to track operational and performance metrics.
Building reports can be a time-consuming task that requires special expertise, but not with Route 101 reporting solutions. Pre-built reports give you instant access to information and immediate value, and it’s easy to create custom reports to satisfy your unique business requirements. Sharing information is simple and safe with the ability to securely send information and control access.

Role-based access controls
and role-tailored information to securely share information and get more detail in reports.


Automated, streamlined data
to external systems. Extract information to a data warehouse and augment the value of your contact centre data by combining it with other sources. Use reporting APIs to enable programmatic access to data.

Real-time early warning system so you know when action needs to be taken.
With our widget-based, real-time dashboards you can build completely customised views of what is going on for different members of your team. Managers can see overall performance and customer experience, supervisors can check on the performance of their teams, and agents have full visibility of real-time, up-to-the-minute volumes and performance across all their skills.

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