Contact centre gamification software to drive agent performance and productivity

Engage and motivate your employees to achieve common goals through game mechanics and techniques. Create benchmarks, set goals, and display peer leader boards. Provide incentives and award badges to inspire competition, reinforce positive behaviours and drive skill growth.

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Our gamification software helps you to:

  • Sustain engagement - reduce absenteeism by offering agents daily opportunities to be recognised and rewarded.
  • Increase accountability - improve CSAT, AHT, and quality by giving your employees real-time visibility of their goals and performance.
  • Boost agent proficiency - drive better adoption of tools and processes and make learning exciting and rewarding.

Supercharge your workforce engagement with contact centre gamification software

One of the biggest challenges for contact centre managers is keeping staff motivated and engaged whist maintaining contact centre efficiency and meeting metric targets. Gamification software platforms improve workforce efficiency and engagement at the same time – keeping your staff motivated and making managers’ lives easier.

Gamification plays a key role in performance management and sits under our workforce engagement management solution set. You may also be interested in:

Gamification to improve agent performance

Gamification software is a performance management tool which fosters an environment of transparency and helps businesses to reinforce positive behaviours whilst promoting agent engagement.

Gamification software monitors an agent’s performance and rewards them with instant feedback and points when they complete tasks successfully. These points are posted to a leader board – delivering instant recognition.

Training modules can be incorporated so your agents can be recognised and rewarded if they complete training. This encourages agents to expand on their knowledge and develop their skillset.


Engage your contact centre agents by motivating them at a personal level to do more

  • Connect your agents emotionally to their team and role.

  • Get agents more engaged, focused, and accountable.

  • Help agents to become more confident and capable.

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Key benefits of gamification software

  • Significant cost savings – when agents are engaged, absenteeism and attrition rates are reduced.
  • Give managers more performance management data – help them to see how the contact centre is performing and opportunities for improvement.
  • Set customized targets for adherence, AHT, CSAT or any external measure via a simple data import.
  • Reward agents by following up on ranks and badges on the leader board.


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