Health & Leisure Organisation Implements Cloud Contact Centre Technology to Support Flexible Working, Improve Stability & Increase Flexibility

Health and leisure organisation bring their technology up to speed and reap the benefits.

Nuffield Health implement new technology to support flexible working, improve stability & increase flexibility.

Nuffield were looking for technology to support their 2 UK contact centres, all of their freelance staff/home-workers and their hospitals. In their own words, the biggest issue they had previously was quite simply that they “couldn’t run their contact centre how they wanted to,” running into various issues in terms of reliability, lack of functionality and poor communications from their previous provider.

Both the management team and their staff are thrilled with the results – they’ve very quickly been able to reap the benefits of being more dynamic, they now have complete visibility of their whole operation – including the activity of their ‘on the road’ staff – in one place, and their staff are enjoying using the system.

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