Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Design Services to help you cut transfers and increase CSAT. Design conversations, not call flows


Why is IVR design important?

Your IVR is great for your business, but not so great for your customers

By making some changes to the structure, wording and voices used in your IVR, you can create a consistent and easy-to-use experience for your customers. Something as simple as letting your customers know how long the wait is likely to be can make a big difference to the quality of the overall experience – which is why in-queue and on-hold design is so important.

Route 101 can work with you on your audio journeys, making sure every aspect – from call flows through to the hold music – is the best it can be.

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IVR design services to help you:

  • Cut costs by enabling more customers to complete self-service transactions.

  • Improve your customer satisfaction scores and boost your service by making applications faster and easier to use.

  • Cut the amount of time agents waste on transfers because of incorrect selections within routing applications.

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How can we help with your IVR design?

Setting objectives - our team will discuss your objectives with you in detail, ensuring we understand exactly what you want to achieve. Not sure? We’re more than happy to help you shape some key objectives – our team have extensive strategic and operational contact centre experience.

IVR audits & benchmarking – we can assess your IVR applications against best practice recommendations and advice on key changes and improvements. We can also compare your IVR with those of your competitors. By comparing data on the IVR systems of 350+ companies we can help you understand how your system compares.

Design, optimisation, and testing – we’ll work with your technical specialists to design call flows, write scripts and choose voices so your IVRs are effective. We’ll run usability tests and ensure your expectations are met.

Recording – all the messages and prompts needed for your IVR are digitally recorded and edited to ensure great quality. Script translation services and a portfolio of foreign language voice artists make it easy to manage quality globally.

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Helping you design a conversational IVR experience

Written language and conversational language are very different

Your goal is to arrive at a mapped conversation that’s always moving forward – whilst enabling the customer to shape it as they require. Your customers should feel in charge of the conversation.

By taking a close look at the structure, wording, and voices in your IVR, we can help you create a user experience that’s clear, consistent, and easy for customers to use. Our solutions leverage natural speech to collect caller information and determine optimal handling for an improved customer experience.

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