Social Energy

Energy Disruptor Launches Omnichannel Service in a Digital-First Environment

As a disruptive new entrant to the Utilities market, Social Energy adopted a digital first approach to their business.

Focused on customer acquisition at pace, they needed a customer service platform which would enable them to scale quickly and make it easy for their service team to deal with complex queries across multiple channels – including web chat, email and social.

As a new and rapidly growing business, the ability to deflect live calls and route the more straightforward queries through self-service options is invaluable – saving their Energy Experts time, limiting cost and ultimately improving the customer experience.

The outcomes:

  • Up and running within 2 months
  • Full omnichannel capability enabled
  • Global platform means they can implement the same ecosystem across any and all future regions
  • Freedom to explore integrations with their CRM, additional channels like WhatsApp etc.
customer contact image