Ultimate: The Leading AI-Powered Customer Support Automation Platform

Ultimate AI

Anticipate your customer needs, handle complex enquiries, boost revenue, and achieve cost savings at scale with the leading AI-powered customer support automation platform. 

The Ultimate platform, powered by AI UltimateGPT technology, enables you to automate 60% of your digital support channels. Expand your customer service capabilities with conversational and generative AI that operates across all text-based communication channels. Say goodbye to multiple tools, empower your agents, and consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

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Zendesk and Ultimate

Ultimate has recently been acquired by Zendesk. With this acquisition, Zendesk can now offer the industry’s most advanced AI agents and the only complete CX platform for the AI-first era. This collaboration will empower businesses like yours with the flexibility and control to deliver customer support your way – whether through fully autonomous AI agents, workflow automation or human touch. Read more about the acquisition here.

Ultimate AI Automation Platform

The Ultimate support automation platform gives you the power to...

  • Quickly resolve support queries using generative AI
  • Automate 60% of customer support requests across various channels like chat, email, web forms, and instant messaging
  • Provide24/7/365 global customer support in up to 109 languages
  • Equip your agents to deliver efficient and exceptional customer experiences

Easily scale your global customer support with multilingual virtual agents...

  • Automatically recognise your customer's language and respond accordingly
  • Train your AI model in one language and it works in all 109
  • Integrate new languages as needed and manage them centrally
  • Available on chat, email, and messaging
Ultimate AI Automation Platform

Ultimate AI Automation Platform

Sophisticated AI for personalised CX that is:

Committed to customer success
With Ultimate, you can customise your AI model by training it on your data. This enables a faster set-up and a more personalised experience as the platform continuously learns from live support data.

Engineered for your growth
Ultimate fully connects to your support stack, including your existing CRM systems. This means the virtual agent can act as an extension of your support team, handling advanced tasks, including routing, tagging, or retrieving important information for customers from other systems. 

Focused on driving actionable insights from advanced analytics
Ultimate's unique Automation Rate metric is the most accurate way to measure your virtual agent's performance. Analytics dashboard gives you the insights needed to help improve performance and maximise your ROI. 

Ultimate + Zendesk

Ultimate has joined forces with Zendesk which means you can expect fast, personalised, more joyful customer support - at any time of day, in 109 languages, across Zendesk chat, tickets and messaging. Give your team the tools they need to manage high ticket volumes and seasonal surges while freeing agents from repetitive, manual tasks. Streamline operations and increase efficiency while providing outstanding CX without the need to hire any extra agents.

Ultimate + PolyAI

Ultimate AI has also partnered with PolyAI, the leading provider of customer-led voice assistants, to offer your business automation solutions across all voice and text-based channels. Combining Ultimate’s industry-leading customer support automation platform and PolyAI’s next-generation voice capabilities means that organisations can now offer their customers round-the-clock, omnichannel support, in any language while ensuring human-like experiences. 

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