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Deliver effortless CX at scale with a conversational platform that lets your customers speak naturally, interrupt, change topics — and always have a fantastic customer experience.

PolyAI customer-led voice assistants successfully and at scale handle 50% of customer needs: authenticating calls, completing transactions, answering questions, taking reservations, routing calls, and much more.

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PolyAI: UK's leading conversational AI platforms

One of the UK's leading conversational AI platforms

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Born from the University of Cambridge, PolyAI voice assistants already take thousands of calls across the UK every day, helping customers with tasks such as making restaurant bookings, tracking parcels, and checking bank balances. 

  • Most widely deployed voice AI solution across the UK
  • Supports a broad range of accents and slang
  • Can speak to your customers in over 26 languages
  • Off-the-shelf components to understand postcodes or names
  • UK-based infrastructure, data, and support

PolyAI has already established its presence in key UK sectors, including retail, hospitality, banking, and insurance

PolyAI has been handling millions of complex service phone calls and has been named 'the best robot ever' in customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys.

Browse the examples below to see how PolyAI voice-led assistant can enhance customer and employee experiences.

PolyAI: present in key UK sectors

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Example: PolyAI  for retail

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PolyAI handles high-volume retail needs with the care and efficacy of a real person. It can track orders, check inventory, process returns, and more, without adding extra staff.

Notable highlights for the retail sector include a 50% call containment rate, proficiency in 10 languages, and an impressive 85% CSAT score.

  • Enable customers to track orders and reschedule deliveries, over the phone, without needing to speak to an agent — even when things get complicated
  • Let customers self-serve over the phone through natural conversations that feel like speaking to a real person
  • Unlock insights to drive improvements to customer experience and operations
  • Hear PolyAI in action by clicking here

Find out how PolyAI is used across other industry sectors

PolyAI for hospitality and travel

  • Take trip bookings, answer FAQs and offer supplementary services
  • Schedule, edit or cancel room reservations and table bookings with an always-on voice assistant
  • Noteworthy points for the hotel sector include a 50% call containment rate, £5.8m/$7.2m booked revenue, and a 90% CSAT score - download the hotel brochure for more information
  • Hear PolyAI in action by clicking on the image below

PolyAI for hospitality and travel









PolyAI for restaurants

  • Take, edit, and cancel table reservations
  • Free up front-of-house with a digital concierge
  • Answer questions about your menu, on-site facilities or brands through natural conversations
  • Hear PolyAI in action by clicking on the image below

PolyAI for restaurants

PolyAI for insurance

  • Empower policyholders to make claims, payments, and other account transactions 
  • Automate repetitive tasks with a voice assistant that sounds like a real person
  • Hear PolyAI in action by clicking on the image below

PolyAI for insurance

PolyAI for telecom

  • Book services and installations, troubleshoot network and hardware issues and manage customer accounts
  • Guide customers through a multi-step troubleshooting process to clarify and resolve their issues without the need for agent intervention
  • Handle common account enquiries, including checking data usage, paying bills, querying bills, managing contracts and activating plans
  • Hear PolyAI in action by clicking on the image below

Poly AI for telecom

PolyAI for financial services

  • Update accounts, reset passwords, and answer customer queries
  • Enable clients to make payments and perform other account transactions in natural language
  • Adjust the agent's tone of voice to assist with sensitive matters such as bereavements

Six reasons to choose PolyAI:

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