Route 101 partners with Ultimate – The Leading AI-Powered Customer Support Automation Platform

Press Release/ General/ Conversational AI by Route 101

Bristol, 18th March 2024 - Route 101, a trusted provider of next-generation SaaS customer engagement solutions, today announced its brand-new partnership with Ultimate, an AI-powered customer support automation platform.

Ultimate, now a part of the Zendesk family, offers access to the industry’s most advanced AI agents and a wealth of intelligent experiences whilst streamlining processes and boosting productivity for businesses across the country. This partnership represents a significant milestone for both Route 101 and Ultimate as they strive to deliver personalised automation and outstanding customer experiences across digital support channels.

With the new partnership underway, clients of Route 101 can now look forward to enhanced capabilities, including advanced chatbots, intelligent virtual assistants, and predictive analytics, all powered by Ultimate’s robust AI engine. These innovative tools empower businesses to anticipate customer needs, efficiently handle enquiries, boost revenue, and achieve cost savings at scale.

Ultimate’s technology also seamlessly integrates with Route 101’s voice automation partner, PolyAI, making it possible for organisations to offer human-like experiences across all channels and in 109 languages.

“The collaboration between Route 101 and Ultimate reflects a joint dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering tangible value to clients,” said Russell Attwood, CEO of Route 101. “Working together will enable us to empower businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of customer engagement, satisfaction, and success. Together, we are poised to revolutionise the way businesses interact with their customers and drive transformative outcomes.”

Sylvain Mlodyszewski, Director of Partnerships at Ultimate added: “As one of the best Zendesk partners in the UK, Route 101 brings unparalleled expertise and a shared commitment to elevating customer experiences. Together, we're set to transform customer experiences with AI-powered solutions, setting new standards for efficiency and satisfaction in the customer support industry. This collaboration underscores our dedication to help businesses solve the increasing demands of customers with innovative AI technology and years of expertise in the support industry.”

For more information about Ultimate, please visit this website or get in touch today.