Why Conversational AI for Customer Service?

Conversational AI by Route 101

Conversational AI makes it easy to provide automated self-service options for customers on web, mobile and voice channels. 

Conversational AI is a virtual agent that can interpret intentions and respond in the same way a human would – only faster, more accurately, and at a much lower cost per interaction. Businesses can achieve brilliant results by implementing Conversational AI in their service centres. 

There are several ways Conversational AI can improve your Customer Service:

Reduce Operational Costs

Conversational AI reduces operational costs by increasing interaction handling speed and helping to deflect queries to lower-cost self-service channels

When the cost per automated support session is estimated to be between 40 and 100 times cheaper than a live call to an agent, reducing the number of inbound calls to your contact centre by encouraging customers to use digital channels can yield huge savings. Gartner has reported that using AI to manage more routing interactions has been shown to cut costs by up to 30%.

IBM has reported that companies worldwide spend more than $1.3 trillion to serve 265 billion customer calls each year. Saving 10 or 20 seconds for agents and callers on each interaction translates into a significant cost reduction.


Improve Agent Efficiency

Secondly, Conversational AI improves agent efficiency and helps the contact centre handle high volumes of interactions without compromising the customer experience

Give your agents the ability to focus on the complex, high value, one-on-one conversations with customers.

According to Forrester, 83% of businesses say automating routine interactions would allow staff to focus on more complex customer queries. Conversational AI helps take the pressure off your agents by fielding front-line, often repetitive questions. Agents can focus on building relationships with customers when it matters most.

By efficiently managing the most common and simple customer interactions through automation, only the complex queries make it through to live agent teams – which means they can provide detailed, personalised responses to customers who are having real difficulties.


Boost CSAT

Conversational AI increases customer satisfaction.

When it’s done right, conversational AI can increase customer satisfaction. Your customers don’t know, and frankly, don’t care, how inquiries and requests are being addressed, so long as they’re done quickly and correctly. By freeing up agent time to handle complex queries, your organisation can deliver more empathetic, effective service.

By increasing automated task completion and augmenting your self-service capabilities, your customers benefit from faster resolution times and less time in an IVR and enjoy a much more natural caller experience.

Similarly, pushing routine interactions through self-service channels means your customers feel empowered to solve their queries on their own.

These types of experiences have a direct positive impact on customer retention, lifetime value, and advocacy. In a recent survey by CallCentreHelper, when asked how interacting with an AI solution that is consistently effective and quick in answering their questions would impact their experience, 63% of consumers said that they would be more satisfied.


Scale Efficiently

Conversational AI enables organisations to scale efficiently.

When you have conversational AI working 24/7 to support your business, you can manage more customers and higher levels of demand. By using it across business units you can help support the work of your service teams and build business whilst boosting operational efficiency. And that feeds on nicely to our final point…


Leverage Data Driven Insights

Conversational AI enables organisations to make intelligent decisions based on real business data.

As Conversational AI works to actively engage with customers it’s also feeding your business with rich data that can be used to drive your business forward. This can give you a competitive advantage and help you up and cross sell.


Ultimately, using Conversational AI, you can provide automated self-service options for customers on web, mobile and voice channels. This means you can manage high volumes of interactions consistently, provide 24/7 cover far more cheaply than by rotating live agents, and boost CSAT by improving AHT.

By layering digital-first solutions for chat, messaging, and voice onto existing customer communication modalities, your business can make your customer service more efficient and more effective. This delivers real results – Forrester reports that 75% of users reported achieving higher than expected revenue growth, and half of users said that their customer satisfaction scores were higher than planned.


Route 101 work with industry-leading vendor Omilia to deliver Conversational AI solutions that will transform your customer service. If you'd like to see the power of our Conversational AI solutions for yourself, book a discovery call with a member of our experienced team.