Conversational AI self-service solutions powered by Omilia. 


Helping organisations to improve their omnichannel CX strategy, with impressive cost savings and improved CX across voice and digital channels.

Provide a seamless, human-like conversational experience for self-service across all channels. Omilia has an entire stack of proprietary technologies that allow businesses to transform their digital customer care. Omilia provides the infrastructure and core capabilities to power an omnichannel conversational experience. 

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Omilia Virtual Agent

Omilia is the first AI vendor to integrate the entire AI technology stack into an enterprise-grade platform

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With Omilia, you can deliver conversational customer care using intuitive tools with user-friendly GUI interfaces, getting 90% accuracy, across the entire domain, out-of-the-box.

Omilia’s Virtual Agents are not just easy to implement in record time; they perform so well that 60% of callers feel compelled to say “Thank You” before hanging up with the system--just like talking to a human.

  • 1 Billion + Virtual Assistant Conversations
  • +90% Task Completion
  • 15 + Countries
  • +96% Semantic Accuracy
  • 24 Languages

Conversational voice, chat, & transcription

A full stack of building blocks for bringing conversational IVR virtual assistants to life. Build next-gen IVR virtual assistants that are able to engage in true end-to-end conversations in natural language -customers can speak freely and there is no predetermined flow or structure that they have to follow - they just speak.


  • Dialogue management tool to drive conversational interactions with users from start to finish
  • Best-of-breed Automated Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding Engines
  • Out-of-the-box recognition and understanding for specific verticals (Banking, Telecoms, Insurance, Healthcare) in various languages
  • Optimised Transcription-as-a-Service for general-purpose transcription
  • Option to improve performance by adapting to your data/models
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Omnichannel conversational experiences

  • Dialogue Management Platform. Provides the infrastructure and core capabilities to power an omnichannel conversational experience, acting as a single point of integration with enterprise systems for driving conversational dialogues on all channels.
  • Conversational AI Chat Service. Build next-generation chat virtual assistants that are able to engage in end-to-end conversations in natural language.
  • Next-generation IVR Virtual Assistant applications that are truly omnichannel as they are developed once and leveraged horizontally, providing a seamless, end-to-end conversational experience across channels, including IVR, social messengers, web chat, smart speakers, mobile app, email and SMS.
  • SIP Based IVR. Receives calls from the PBX server. Executes the dialogue call flow.


Speech recognition & natural language understanding engines

  • DNN powered automatic speech recognition egine: leverages the most advanced forms of Deep Learning, achieving unprecedented accuracy in recognition that routinely reaches human-level performance.
  • Natural language understanding engine: Works to extract meaning from free, unstructured language. Makes it possible to understand customer requests and intents with human-like accuracy. Because the engine is context aware and retains memory, it is capable of running entire end to end conversations with customers.
  • Pre-built domain and language specific NLU applications: Pre-loaded intelligent Virtual Assistant providing out-of-the-box recognition and understanding with pre-built Concept Annotation Dictionaries, Rules and Intents for your business.
  • OCP miniApps: Independent and configurable natural language dialogue components that handle a single task i.e. understanding caller intent. Pre-trained and pre-tuned by Omilia, leveraging vast amounts of data, these OCP miniApps can accurately handle exceptions and real-world conditions, complete with data validation, disambiguation, and error recovery strategies.

Real-time visibility & insights

  • Real-time Viewing: A web-based dialogue review tool that provides real-time transparency to all customer interactions.
  • Virtual Assistant Speech Analytics: Visualise the Big Data generated to analyse what customers are saying in their conversations with the Virtual Assistant.
  • Agent Speech Analytics: Visualise and analyse in real time, what customers are saying in their conversations with live agents.


Anti-fraud and biometric verification

  • Passive Voice Biometric Authentication: Authenticate customers via their unique biometric voice print, in the background as they speak freely and naturally with the virtual assistant.
  • Basic Fraud Detection and Prevention: Mechanisms for Caller ID Profiling and Scoring, Support for Caller ID Whitelist and Blacklist, Credit Card Profiling, Session-based Profiling and Scoring, Offline delivery of Compromised List, and differentiated NLU Call Flow based on Fraud Score.
  • Advanced Fraud Detection and Prevention with Caller ID Spoofing System: Mechanisms for ALL basic anti-fraud features plus Call Audio and Telephony Analysis, Caller ID Spoofing Detection, Geo-location Cross-checks, Device Type Analysis, Hand-crafted MO analysis and Scoring, and delivery of Compromised List.


API/SDK plug-Ins

  • Chatbot Plug-In (API): Allows the platform to run text-based dialogues on a wide range of channels in the form of a chatbot via SMS, Web Chat, Email and Facebook Messenger.
  • Virtual Agent Plug-In (SDK): Allow an in-app Virtual Assistant to be easily integrated into any native mobile app (iOS & Android) with the simple addition of the Omilia SDK.

Recognised by both Gartner and Forrester, Omilia's Conversational Self-Service solutions are market-leading.  Their platform provides the infrastructure and core capabilities to power an omni-channel conversational experience.



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