NICE inContact and Zendesk Partner to Power Customer Experiences

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Route 101 can now deliver a joint NICE inContact and Zendesk solution, with the recent announcement of a deeper integration between the two platforms.

Joining forces to combine their leading CCaaS and CRM platforms, NICE inContact and Zendesk have this week announced a joint partner agreement – offering a combined solution to hundreds of thousands of existing contact centre agents as well as new customers globally.

By bringing together NICE inContact's CXone -  the world’s #1 cloud contact centre platform - and Zendesk’s customer service and engagement products, customer service organisations can combine the unified power of best-in-class omnichannel routing, analytics, workforce optimisation, automation and artificial intelligence on an Open Cloud Formation, with a robust customer engagement system in a single agent interface. Creating exceptional customer experiences and better business results, the new partnership will bring a seamlessly integrated solution to companies of all sizes around the world.

The deepening of the integration between two of Route 101’s closest partners enables the business to offer a holistic solution to customers, facilitating the creation of more personalised customer experiences and driving loyalty and advocacy.

Russell Attwood, Route 101 CEO, said,

“We are proud to have such strong relationships with both of these Gartner-recognised vendors and look forward to delivering this deeper integration to our customers. As one of the only UK partners working together with NICE inContact and Zendesk to deploy and support the platforms in this manner, it is exciting to see this new functionality be made available.”

The integration of NICE inContact’s CXone platform together with Zendesk’s customer engagement system will seamlessly integrate CXone agent controls in the Zendesk interface - reducing agent effort and interaction handle times. Automatically synchronizing CXone interaction data with Zendesk customer records, organisations will benefit from a holistic customer view that empowers informed business decisions; whilst personalising their interactions with context drawn from a fully 360-degree view of the customer.

CXone Agent for Zendesk will be made available on the Zendesk Marketplace, and the pre-built integration deploys in minutes, scaling as business needs evolve.

David Williams, VP & GM, Zendesk Suite, said,

“We’re thrilled to partner with NICE inContact to provide contact centre agents with an easy to use workspace integrating the tools needed to create more personalised customer experiences,”

Whilst Paul Jarman, NICE inContact CEO, said,

“We’re pleased to partner with Zendesk to help organizations reduce agent effort and increase customer satisfaction, all while driving superior business outcomes.”

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