AI-powered automated resolutions for your support tickets to transform your customer service and boost operational savings

Digital Genius

DigitalGenius is an AI-driven conversational process automation platform that automates and resolves incoming tickets without agent interaction – leaving your live agents free to handle the high-level, complex customer queries

Customers enjoy quicker responses and resolutions, agents are happier, more productive, and proactive.

DigitalGenius enables end-to-end case resolution of your common repetitive customer journeys, without human intervention.

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DigitalGenius can:

  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Boost CSAT
  • Unlock critical time in customer support
  • Integrate seamlessly into systems you're already using 

Scale your business with automated resolutions

Use AI to build an omnichannel experience and enable immediate, consistent resolution across communication channels – with up to 80% greater speed and accuracy than a human agent.

  • AI that’s trained on your own historical customer service transcripts. It recognises how to best resolve queries, from tagging and routing cases, to understanding the best answer in context.
  • Connect your upcoming customer conversations with processes with Flow Builder. Construct, visualise, and continuously improve the repetitive customer journeys you’ve built.
  • Detailed Analytics mean you can unlock real-time insights into your Digital Genius implementation – so you have the information you need to improve resolutions.
  • Upload macros and templates, manage intent training and accelerate learning to increase prediction accuracy and resolution rates.


DigitalGenius Automation


How do I introduce AI to my brand? 

  • Returns and Refunds: DigitalGenius recognises the intent behind a customer query and immediately replies with the refund status and/or eligibility. This reduces friction and assures customers their query is being handled quickly.
  • Booking Cancellations: DigitalGenius AI can read and understand customer cancellation requests with speed and efficiency. Customers are sent an instant reply and are provided with next steps.
  • Pricing & Availability: Pull information like customer specific pricing, inventory information or discounts from back office systems, and immediately respond to the customer. Simultaneously flag the inquiry to the sales team for further attention.
  • Build Custom Use Cases: With the flexible automation process, DigitalGenius makes it easy to build custom use cases to match your business processes.
  • Prioritization: Automatically prioritise cases and ensure faster response times for sensitive cases, whilst cutting out manual categorization work. Connect your customers with the right resources so they can resume their journey as soon as possible.
  • Loyalty Points: AI that can access internal loyalty systems and ensure seamless purchasing journeys.
  • Cargo Management: Using AI to recognise the intent in a message, DigitalGenius can query third-party order systems and respond automatically to customers with an up-to-date order status. Save time for both customers and agents.
  • New Order Booking: Automatically accept and validate new orders or invoices submitted via email or any other text-based communications channel. Save dozens of clicks per order and free up agent time by automatically interacting with multiple ERP systems.

For Retail and eCommerce Businesses:

For Travel, Transport and Hospitality Brands:

For Manufacturing Brands:

DigitalGenius can help you take some of the pressure off your customer service team, meaning they are available to respond to the customers who genuinely need their help.

DigitalGenius makes it easy to unify data from multiple sources and resolve repetitive queries at scale – whether it’s flight changes, booking cancellations, or refunds.

DigitalGenius boosts CSAT and cuts cost with AI-powered case intelligence and end-to-end case resolution. Build strong relationships with customers at scale and drive new sales, renewals, and revenue models.


AI that works for you (and your customers)

  • 1,000,000+ messages processed each month
  • 22 languages live
  • 99%+ AI Accuracy Level


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