Co-browsing software to share web sessions securely online

Surfly Co-Browsing Software

Surfly is a visual engagement tool for sharing web sessions online. With Surfly’s high-quality co-browsing technology, you can help customers and agents to connect and collaborate like they’re sitting side by side

Provide a customer experience equal to a face-to-face meeting at the click of a button with Surfly’s market-leading co-browsing software. The fully documented API means it’s easy to integrate, and with video chat functionality you can build better relationships with your clients while helping them to fill in forms, view and understand offers, or resolve a query.

Surfly makes it simple and easy to co-browse with customers, interact via video chat, share documents, and more.

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Co-browsing software to drive collaboration. Surfly offers:

  • Co-browsing
  • Video chat
  • Document sharing
  • Control switch
  • Customisable UI
  • Audit Log
  • Field/Element Masking
  • Integration
  • HIPAA Compliant Setup

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Boost online conversions, improve customer support, and ensure greater customer success with Surfly

Co-browsing solutions to transform CX: Surfly for service teams

Transform the way you interact with your customers with an out-of-the-box experience that makes delivering personalised, informative service effortless.

  • Improve your customer service effectiveness. Co-browsing means your customer service agents can increase their first line resolution and reduce their AHT while reducing the callback ratios. Customers can see exactly what they need to do to resolve their queries, in real-time, whilst continuing to chat with the agent.
  • Customise session flows. Launch co-browsing sessions directly from your website and integrate Surfly with your existing chat and CRM platforms. Save time and serve your customers at speed with co-browsing solutions that match your website’s own look and feel.
  • Reach customers in different geographical regions, anywhere, anytime. Connect with customers in a more personalised way, wherever and whenever they choose.

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Surfly for sales teams

  • Boost sales and increase cross-selling capability by helping at the exact point you’re needed and directing customers to perform specific actions like clicking “Buy Now”. Organisations using Surfly for Sales have seen up to 83% greater year on year revenue growth.
  • Increase CSAT with real-time, personalised service that makes it easy for you to see what your customers see, and signpost offers and next steps. Surfly reports 78% higher satisfaction ratings than asynchronous electronic channels like email and web self-service.
  • Strengthen your customer connections. Surfly’s real-time video chat capability means you can increase your customer retention rates by offering a more personalised, emotional connection.
  • Give sales presentations, share files, and fill out forms – directly from your website. Surfly’s advanced co-browsing technology means it’s as easy as sharing a URL or clicking a button on the website. With encrypted connections, you can rest easy knowing the whole session is completely safe.

Surfly + NICE inContact

With the need to connect and collaborate remotely with their own customers at an all-time high, Surfly offers a flexible, customizable, and easy to use solution that can enhance all interactions.

NICE inContact users can use Surfly to instantly connect with their own customers through their browser, adding voice and video, without the need to download any additional tools or software, and create the feeling of an in-person meeting.

  • Remotely guide customers through any website or portal as if they were sitting side-by-side
  • Surfly quickly integrates directly inside MAX and can be customized to meet specific use cases
  • Solve customers’ problems instantly through collaborative and visually engaging experiences directly from inside CXOne, helping to increase both NPS and LTV
  • Streamline and humanize complex processes


Not a NICE inContact user? No problem! Surfly works with every 3rd party platform since there's no need for code or downloads. 

Why Surfly?

Surfly has helped companies across many industries, including insurance, financial services, and retail to take their customer experience to the next level. They were all looking for a way to recreate the in-person meeting experience that was easy to use, offered a near "real time" experience, and was safe and secure.

How does Surfly stack up? 

Comparison Surfly Embedded Co-Browsing Remote Browser Screen Sharing
No website changes required X
Universal (IFrame & 3rd party content) X
Fast Performance X X X
Fine-grained control switching X X X
High Quality X X
No Installation or Extension X
Can be integrated in web apps X X
Restricted only to the web X


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