NICE helps the world's leading companies improve their business performance and increase their operational efficiency


Empower organisations to transform their Customer and Workforce Experiences as part of a single, complete and integrated platform

Provide customer experience that is digital-first, hyper-personalized and adaptive for both consumers and employees, infused with analytics, AI and automation to create smarter experiences, and based on a true cloud open platform to accelerate innovation. Recognised by both Gartner and Everest Group, NICE's Workforce Engagement and RPA solutions are market-leading. 

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Omilia Virtual Agent

Deliver the perfect customer experience

Create extraordinary customer and employee experiences by acting smarter and responding faster. 

  • Uncover new ways of understanding the customer
  • Adapt experiences to personal customer preferences
  • Drive a proactive and predictive approach to service.

Digital-first omnichannel experience

Empower digital transformation by providing a digital-first omnichannel environment that connects consumers and employees across all channels in a seamless way. 

Helping organisations to:

  • Deliver service on multiple digital and non-digital channels
  • Create an effortless omnichannel customer experience
  • Manage and secure experiences in an omnichannel world

Using tools like: 

Omnichannel Routing | Voice-Biometrics Authentication | Compliance Centre | Omnichannel Recording | IVR Optimisation

Contact Centre-1


Workforce engagement

Empower workforce engagement by transforming how organisations understand and motivate their workforce, and deliver the tools to adapt the work environment to suit a flexible, preferences-based world.

  • Adapt to employee expectations
  • Engage and motivate employees
  • Manage a complex multi-skill, multi-preference workforce


Workforce Management | Voice-Biometrics Authentication | Compliance Centre | Omnichannel Recording | IVR Optimisation 


Workforce 0ptimisation

  • Workforce Management – the NICE Workforce Management (WFM) Suite enables organisations to automate operations, overcome complexity, adapt rapidly, and achieve more effective workforce planning, scheduling, and optimisation – all in a single cloud platform.
  • Performance Management – motivate your contact centre agents and make it easier for them to excel. With NICE performance management solutions, organisations can consolidate data, operationalise opportunities and drive engagement, bringing performance metrics together with out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Quality Management – ensure all interactions and transactions are closely monitored and performance metrics are closely tied to top-priority objectives with NICE Quality Central. Automate and customise all your quality processes in a single application, regardless of data source, channel, or recording solution.
  • Employee Engagement Manager – deliver intelligent automation solutions to the WFM domain. Automatically optimise staffing after WFM schedules are published, both intraday and up to several weeks in the future. Fix staffing gaps, cut processing time, and boost employee engagement with intelligent WFM automation.
  • Back Office Performance – ensure maximum efficiency and optimise processes. Integrate data from employee desktops, forecast accurately, and engage employees so they perform exceptionally. Ensure your operation is running smoothly and improve overall performance.

AI-Driven smarter processes

NICE empowers Analytics, AI and Automation transformation by enabling faster and smarter processes, using Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and advanced robots.

Solutions to enable organisations to:  

  • Offer AI-driven self-help channels
  • Create smarter and faster internal processes
  • Balance employees and robots


  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – free up your employees to focus on more valuable priorities by delegating repetitive, admin-driven tasks to robots installed on back-end servers.
  • NEVA Attended Automation – NEVA is the first ever virtual attendant designed specifically with the employee in mind, for the front and back office. Helping employees with admin tasks, NEVA observes and interprets desktop activities and responds to voice and text requests, popping up with information or automating routine tasks.
  • Desktop Analytics – capture data and generate insights about employee behaviour on the desktop. Unlock clear visibility into daily desktop activities of front and back office employees and accurately pinpoint the most optimal business processes to automate.
  • Authentication and Fraud Prevention – Real-time Authentication (RTA) provides end-to-end authentication and fraud prevention for contact centres. Based on voice biometrics, it automatically verifies the caller’s claimed identity within the first few seconds of natural conversation with an agent. RTA uses the same voiceprint across channels, allowing effortless authentication in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or mobile application.


Recording and compliance solutions

  • Omnichannel Interaction Recording – record interactions for comprehensive compliance, intelligent Quality Management, customer and business insights, and prompt authentication. A scalable, secure, and robust platform to make it easy to record and manage interaction data from multiple channels and data sources in a single place.
  • Contact Centre Compliance Recording – satisfy regulatory requirements by capturing all interactions, or just the ones you need. Bring together proactive compliance assurance capabilities and a dedicated policy and retention management for a unique solution for contact centres that enables IT, compliance, and agents to ensure their compliance level is always optimal.
  • PCI Compliance for Call Recording – certified capabilities, privacy controls, multi-tiered security design and end-to-end multimedia encryption to ensure the safe handling of sensitive information and protection against identity theft. With automatic pause-and-resume recording and embedded mechanisms to prevent and detect violations, NICE’s PCI-Compliant Call Recording Solutions enable users to streamline compliance activities and take prompt action on potential breaches.


Analytics and personalisation

  • NICE Nexidia Customer Engagement Analytics is the most comprehensive approach to customer analytics available today – from offering micro-level interaction analytics and IVR optimisation, to macro-level journey analytics, to predictive modelling for matching customers to agents.
  • Predictive Behavioural Routing – increase customer loyalty, sales conversion rates and customer satisfaction by making the connections that matter. Pair customers with the agents best equipped to handle their personality style to drive more productive, positive call outcomes. Using AI-powered smart routing you can deliver sustained improvement in call outcomes - with a measurable impact on your bottom line.
  • Intelligent Routing – use the information you know about your customer to connect them with an agent who’ll provide the best experience. Gather data from previous interactions around the customer’s personality, behavioural characteristics, and communication preferences, and apply analytics, AI, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning to make the best match at the time of a customer’s call.
  • Customer Journey Solutions – automatically map each touchpoint to turn data silos into omnichannel journeys. Shape disparate interactions into business insights with powerful, AI-driven analytics that delivers seamless journeys.
  • Voice of the Customer – comprehensive omnichannel customer and employee feedback, fully integrated into your contact centre management tools.

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