Voice, data, and mobile services for the business market


Gamma are a UK carrier with their own voice, data and mobile network. That means there’s more control over the services they can offer your business. They only provide services for the business market – so there’s a really big emphasis on the availability, reliability and quality of the network and platforms. With high levels of automation for service provisioning and support, the network architecture has been built without legacy platforms holding them back.

From cost-saving line rental and calling through to IP cloud-hosted phone systems, from mobile solutions to business-grade data services – discover solutions dedicated to saving you money while your business works faster and more flexibly than ever before.

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A complete communications service for your business

  • Voice
    SIP trunking - Hosted telephony - Inbound
    Carrier class, highly resilient, distributed, next generation national soft-switch network. 
    The network interconnects with all major UK and international fixed and mobile carriers.
  • Data
    Presence and interconnect points across the UK
    Integrated data service architecture - results in a fully converged service.
    Fully resilient solution delivered into more than 1 network node.
  • Mobile
    4G data service
    Independent from mobile operator control

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Take back control of your call management

Avoid being restricted by your network operator and having to rely on the provider to make urgent adjustments to any call management requirements.

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Horizon Contact


The cloud contact centre platform from Gamma

Simplify customer engagement with Gamma’s Horizon Contact, a feature-rich solution built for contact centres with under 100 seats.

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What makes Gamma Horizon different? 

Premium handsets plus desktop and mobile clients

Horizon provides high standards of phone interoperability with its useful desktop and mobile clients plus a choice of premium handsets from a range of manufacturers.

Easy to use web interface with feature control

With an experienced in-house software development team, you benefit from a positive user experience for both service use and performance monitoring.

Reliable & Secure IP Network

Gamma lead on quality of service, scale and reliability. In addition to the network, you can easily and quickly transfer your existing phone numbers onto the Horizon platform.

Fixed Telephony | IP Telephony | Broadband and Data Connections | Mobile Services | Security | Unified Communications Solution



The Gamma platform

The network has been designed and deployed to:

Ensure high levels of system availability through multiple layers of resilience (technical and geographical)

Make the rapid development and deployment of new product functionality as easy as possible.

Support all the network elements of a converged solution, provided either as component parts of as an integrated solution

Support the end-to-end automation of customer transactions between the portal and network platforms enabling you to place orders, configure services and access a range of product functions, as well as providing a suite of tools to manage billing and usage

Pssst! Gamma also have the lowest regulated industry price points (meaning they can compete evenly with all the major carriers).

Integrate your telephony with your CRM

Do you want to integrate your business phone system with your CRM? Would you like to have access to advanced real-time management reporting information at the click of a button? Increase the power of your new solution even further by adding some of these inexpensive but highly beneficial features.

  • Call Preview

  • Click to Dial

  • Desktop Control

Gamma work with a huge range of organisations, delivering voice, data and mobile services

Why a hosted phone system? 

There’s such a long list of reasons why, in today’s environment, a web-based business phone system is the way to go. Lower costs, an ‘on-demand’ service that’s quickly scalable, flexible working and business continuity features – the list goes on. And on. And on!

One of the most common concerns people have is around voice quality, but through an on-site demonstration or free trial it’s easy for us to demonstrate that with Gamma Horizon, it’s flawless.

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