Transform your business communications with FireText SMS services


FireText provides businesses with an easy-to-use SMS platform that facilitates sending, receiving, tracking, and analysing text messaging campaigns for optimal effectiveness.

FireText allows users to easily send, receive, track, and analyse text messaging campaigns for a range of purposes, including promoting new products, sending appointment reminders, or engaging with customers. With advanced analytics tools, businesses can track campaign performance in real-time and adjust strategies accordingly, ensuring maximum ROI.


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Extensive features set

  • Personalisation

    Easily customise SMS messages with personalised content, such as customer names, to increase engagement and response rates.

  • Scheduling

    Schedule SMS campaigns in advance to ensure messages are sent at the most optimal time for your target audience, and reduce the risk of sending messages outside of business hours.

  • Inbox

    Manage replies from customers and engage in two-way conversations using the inbox feature, ensuring that customers feel heard and valued.

  • Analytics

    Access detailed analytics reports to track campaign performance, measure success, and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns, helping businesses to achieve the best possible ROI.


Streamline your SMS campaigns 

FireText's online SMS-sending feature streamlines the process for businesses, enabling easy bulk messaging, scheduled campaigns, and detailed analytics. FireText has an intuitive interface and robust security measures, which is a reliable and efficient choice for businesses of any size


Reach a wider audience

Quickly and easily send personalised messages to a large audience with FireText bulk SMS. With scheduling and detailed analytics, businesses can create effective campaigns tailored to their audience, all while being user-friendly and secure.



Commitment to security and compliance

FireText take the security and compliance of SMS messaging seriously. The platform is fully GDPR compliant and offers a range of robust security measures, such as 2-factor authentication, encryption, and access controls. With FireText, businesses can rest assured that their sensitive information and communications are protected.

Track the success of your SMS with Advanced Reporting and Tracking

FireText's delivery reporting and SMS tracking features offer businesses a complete SMS management solution. The delivery reporting feature provides detailed reports on message delivery status, delivery time, and operator response codes, ensuring the successful delivery of SMS campaigns.

The SMS tracking feature offers advanced analytics on open rates, click-through rates, opt-outs, and replies to optimize future campaigns for better results. The platform is user-friendly, fully GDPR compliant, and integrates seamlessly with FireText's services. With FireText's comprehensive SMS marketing tools, businesses can take their campaigns to the next level and achieve better results.

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Seamless integrations

By integrating with platforms like Zendesk or NICE CXone, FireText's SMS platform provides a comprehensive omnichannel communication solution. This enables businesses to engage with customers through their preferred channels while streamlining their communication processes, ultimately leading to a more efficient and effective customer experience.


Send bulk an individual SMS

Delivery, reply and click reporting

Unlimited contacts and groups

Configurable auto reply

Email to SMS

SMS Surveys

Unlimited users and sub-accounts

URL tracking 

Easy CSV imports


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