Ada: Automated Brand Interactions to Reduce Effort and Cost

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Automate your most valuable interactions. Answer common support questions, deliver personalised interaction, and anticipate customers’ needs — all from one AI-driven brand interaction platform

Deliver personalised automation and create consistent, unified experiences throughout the customer journey whilst helping your support team to solve >80% of inquiries instantly. Lift CSAT, improve brand interaction and capture and analyse interaction data with ease.

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Better brand interactions across all touch points and automation that drives results...

  • 98% reduction in wait times
  • 50% increase in agent efficiency
  • >3 billion automated interactions
  • 10 x increase in ancillary revenue

Ada's AI powered brand interaction platform can help you to:

  • Understand customer intent in seconds with industry leading conversational AI
  • Action insights from every interaction with real time analytics
  • Build personalised brand interactions without code or developer dependencies
  • Break down silos across customer touchpoints
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From support to marketing, automate your brand interaction:

Eliminate long wait times with instant support 24/7, in any language, on any channel.

Power richer conversations with an industry leading NLU model and AI that can recognise and translate common speech patterns to respond quickly and accurately.

Proactively engage customers to accelerate onboarding, increase product adoption, reduce churn, promote new product sales and subscription upgrades. Ada’s brand interaction platform acts on each customer’s unique information, intent, and interests with tailored answers, proactive discounts, and relevant recommendations – in over 100 languages.

Connect with customers anytime, anywhere with interaction AI underpinning the customer journey. Identify customers and their intent through natural interaction, then route customers to the right teams at the right time.

Unlock interaction data and surface immediate, actionable steps to continuously improve CX.

Free up agents to resolve high value inquiries that benefit from a human touch, empowering them to do more challenging and fulfilling work.

Reduce time-to-value and eliminate developer dependencies with Ada’s no-code builder. Set up your brand automations in days versus months with a drag-and-drop interface, multilingual capabilities, smart training suggestions, and broad channel support.

Ada + Zendesk

Easily integrate Ada’s brand interaction platform with Zendesk to seamlessly escalate conversations from automation to a live agent where a human touch is needed. Agents can instantly join the conversation in Ada’s chat UI and are given the context they need to efficiently resolve inquiries and build meaningful relationships.


Ada has delivered measurable results to some of the world’s most innovative companies, saving costs and growing revenue and enabling organisations with the tools they need to make every customer feel like a VIP– even when scaling fast

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