Zendesk Trends 2023: Consumers Expect AI to Radically Transform Service

Discover more about consumer perceptions of AI in Zendesk's latest whitepaper. Explore the transformative impact of AI on interactions, the delivery of personalised experiences, and the threshold at which consumers become apprehensive about lifelike AI. Gain valuable insights into the future of customer service and its customer-facing implications.

This whitepaper summarises two surveys conducted by Zendesk's experts, encompassing global perspectives on consumer trends and sentiment. The surveys involved thousands of consumers and were supplemented with in-depth interviews in February 2023.

This whitepaper looks at:

  • How AI can fill context gaps
  • Delivering instant personalisation
  • Demonstrating empathy with AI
  • Supercharging chatbot and voice communication
  • Using generative AI to improve the depth and quality of responses

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