Zendesk CX Trends 2024 Report

The report presents findings from two global surveys that delve into the key trends shaping customer experience in 2024. From the evolution of AI to leveraging data in real-time and the promise of next-gen experiences, it offers a comprehensive look into the CX landscape and its future direction.

The report also emphasises how these emerging technologies can revolutionise customer interactions, presenting opportunities for businesses to rethink to how engage with customers to create more meaningful connections.

Download the report today to learn about:

  • How Generative AI is speeding up the delivery of more personalised customer journeys
  • The evolving role of chatbots in CX and the growing disconnect between CX leaders and agents regarding AI-related strategies
  • The increasing pressure on businesses on leverage data in real time
  • The importance of integrating data security throughout the customer journey
  • The significant influence of immersive experiences on the future of shopping and the expanding role of voice in addressing complex issues
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