The Retailers' Guide to Omnichannel Customer Service

Consumers are interacting with retailers and brands across more channels than ever before, which delivers tremendous opportunities for retailers to reach new consumers, build long term loyalty, and boost sales.

However, customers increasingly expect retailers to provide seamless, enjoyable experiences as they interact with brands – whether in-store, on the website or mobile app, with the contact centre, or even from the catalogue.

However customers start their purchase journey, wherever they end it, if the entire experience doesn’t meet with expectations, they will use those same channels to vent frustration and seek help. Today, retailers must be prepared to meet the demands of modern omnichannel customers. Customer service agents need a 360 view of the customer transactions, interactions, and behaviours – and be ready and able to answer questions, whichever channel they come in on! 


Download this e-book to learn:

  • Why an omnichannel service strategy is so imperative for retailers
  • How to audit your customer service and pinpoint what’s needed
  • How to turn plans into action once your people, processes and systems are in place
  • Considerations for creating a customer experience strategy in a legacy environment
  • Prioritising omnichannel customer experience
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