The State of CX Maturity among SMBs

89% of the 3,250 business decision makers surveyed said CX stagnation is a business risk. In this new report from Zendesk and ESG, decision makers are also sharing how they avoid that risk—through prioritizing value and customer satisfaction over everything.

Better customer service means better outcomes for businesses. It’s circular. Great CX means customers are happy and loyal, generating profit. When companies invest in CX by improving the agent experience, adopting new technologies, and putting the customer at the center of their vision, the customers keep coming back.

So what makes a Champion? To find out, Zendesk partnered with analyst firm ESG to build a framework around CX maturity, identifying key characteristics of CX Champions. An organization’s CX maturity is an assessment of the people, processes, data, and technology in place to service customers. 

Download the report now to learn how organisations have improved their CX across 4 key areas:

  • Business Outcomes
  • Service Excellence
  • The Agent Experience
  • Business Operations
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