Managing Customer Contact in 2020 & Beyond Session 3 featuring Teleperformance

A Route 101 webinar series featuring real-world accounts from our customers.

It’s a year of change. At Route 101, we’re seeing how contact centres —no matter the size or industry—are adapting to the challenges and uncertainty and the strategies they're employing to reduce inbound contact, optimise their digital experience, and empower their agents. 

Is your contact centre struggling to handle high contact volumes whilst everyone is working remotely? Worried your agents aren’t as engaged as they should be when they’re stuck at home? Finding it tricky to meet customer demand and handle their expectations? 

You aren't alone. That's why we created this webinar series to address these concerns, running across 3 weeks in October 2020.  In each session, we heard how a different business has responded to the key challenges of the last 6 months, and the ways they’ve used the tools available to them to manage demand whilst keeping service quality high. 

In this episode, we were joined by Martyn Kelleher, Head of Enterprise Architecture and Nicole Greer, Transformation & Innovation Principal Consultant at Teleperformance.

The session features:

  • A first-hand account of the ways the global BPO responded to the challenges of increased call volumes during the pandemic
  • How they worked with Route 101 to deliver immediate relief to overloaded systems
  • The key areas the organisation is investing in to reduce demand and future proof their platforms

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