The Ultimate Guide to Conversational AI

Today, customer experience has overtaken product and pricing as the single biggest brand differentiator. This means that brands that fail to deliver on the requisite customer experience and customer engagement will run into difficulty, irrespective of whether they have a world-class product and reasonable pricing.

Conversational AI platforms can help businesses to deliver on the promise of excellent customer experience. This means your customer engagement and support channels can remain open around the clock; your customers don’t have to wait in a queue to be attended by a human agent. They can connect with the brand through multiple channels and still expect an omnichannel experience and more. All this adds to delivering on the customer service promise that you have made to your customers.

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• How Conversational AI works
• Conversational AI in the modern Contact Centre
• The difference between Conversational AI and a Chatbot
• The impact of Conversational AI on your Customer Experience Strategy
• Use cases for Conversational AI

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