ContactBabel Inner Circle Guide to First Contact Resolution 2020

The Inner Circle Guide to First Contact Resolution

 “The Inner Circle Guide to First-Contact Resolution” is one of the Inner Circle series of ContactBabel reports – a series of analyst reports investigating key customer contact solutions. The Guides aim to give a detailed and definitive view of the reality of the implementing and using these technologies, an appraisal of the vendors and products available and a view on what the future holds.

Almost nothing about first-contact resolution is simple, and this report looks at ways to measure and calculate this accurately, how to balance FCR against other business metrics, and ways to improve FCR that help the business and customer at the same time.

Download the latest UK guide to explore:

  • The Importance of First-Contact Resolution: The ‘Miracle Metric’
  • Developing a First-Contact Resolution Plan
  • How to Measure First-Contact Resolution
  • Improving First-Contact Resolution Rates
  • Which Solutions Will Have the Most Positive Effect on First-Contact Resolution
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