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Zendesk Support Training

Zendesk Support Training

  • 17th July 2024

  • 9-12 pm & 1-4 pm (UK) 6 hours
  • Route 101 HQ

Looking to enhance your team’s capabilities in managing your Zendesk Support instance?

Our expert Zendesk Implementation Consultants are here to guide you through an immersive training experience.


Course content: 

Zendesk Support Administration: 
Learn the ins and outs of effectively managing your Zendesk Support instance.

Elevate the Agent Experience:

Empower your agents with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional customer support.

Master the Ticket Lifecycle:

From creation to resolution, gain proficiency and handle tickets with ease.

Views and Macros Made Simple: 

Discover powerful techniques to streamline workflows and maximise agent productivity.

Measure Customer Satisfaction:

Understand the importance of gauging and improving customer satisfaction metrics.

Business Rules That Work For You: 

Learn how to define and implement rules to automate processes efficiently.

Schedules and SLAs Demystified:

Set up schedules and service level agreements that align with customer expectations.