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Zendesk Guide Administration Training

Zendesk Guide Admin Training

  • To be agreed
  • 10-12 pm & 12-2 pm (UK) 4 hours
  • In person or virtual

Empower your team with the skills to effectively manage your Zendesk Guide.

Our expert Zendesk Implementation Consultants are here to guide you through an immersive training program.


Course content: 

Zendesk Guide Administration: 

Learn the ins and outs of effectively managing your Zendesk Guide on a day-to-day basis.

Help Centre Navigation:

Get to know Zendesk Guide to maximise its benefits and easily navigate the system.

Guide Branding:

Discover how to customise and brand your Help Centre to align with your organisation's identity and enhance brand consistency.

User Segments: 

Learn how to create and manage user segments to deliver personalised content and targeted experiences.

Content Hierarchy/Management:

Explore strategies for organising and managing your content hierarchy efficiently, ensuring easy navigation for your end users.

Article Recommendation: 

Unlock the power of article recommendations to provide relevant and helpful content to your users.

End-User Interaction:

Review how Zendesk Guide helps end-users manage their tickets and ensures agents have the right information to resolve issues efficiently.