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Zendesk Explore Training

Zendesk Explore Training

  • To be agreed
  • 9-12 pm & 1-4 pm (UK) 6 hours
  • In person or virtual

Take your reporting and MI capabilities to the next level.

Our expert Zendesk Implementation Consultants are here to guide you through an immersive training program focused on Zendesk Explore.


Course content: 

Zendesk Explore Interface: 
Navigate and master the Explore interface, gaining a deep understanding of its functionality.

Creating Reports and Understanding Datasets:

Learn how to create insightful reports and analyse datasets effectively.


Discover how to build dynamic dashboards that provide real-time insights at a glance.

Custom Calculations: 

Unlock the power of custom calculations to tailor reports to your specific business needs.

Drill Through:

Explore the drill through capabilities in Explore, enabling you to dive deeper into your data.

Sharing and Collaboration:

Learn how to share and collaborate on reports and dashboards with your team.

Advanced Techniques: 

Dive into advanced techniques and strategies to elevate your reporting capabilities even further.